Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A wonderful Macrobiotic lunch!

Hello everyone, this is Joel again.

Today we had a great lunch consisting of pressed salad and noodles. I topped it off with gomachio and it was delicious. We also had dressing for the salad. I took the dogs for a walk again and worked on the website. I also set up a new MySpace account for Studio Mugen! However, it's currently under construction, but once it goes "live" you will all know about it!

When I was volunteering in the kitchen at the Kushi Institute, I learned that it's always better to overcook greens than to undercook them. This makes sense. if you overcook greens (and many other things for that matter), you will drain them of their vitamins and they will be soggy. This is obviously not good and defeats the purpose of getting the most out of your food. However, if they're undercooked, they may be dangerous to eat for some people (depending on the condition of the person), and they won't taste nearly as good.

Keep these tips in mind next time you make greens. I always put a pinch of seasalt into the boiling water before adding the greens, and I usually cook them for about five minutes or less, depending on how much your making.

Hope this helps; have a great day!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From Annalisa

Heeey, it's Annalisa again...hope everyone's doing well.
Sanae just made an aduki beans tea, it's too hot, but I'd rather burn my tongue 'cause I can't wait to have it!
It's very delicious, plus it helps streghtening the kidneys.
I do need it.
Today I met a new dog, they are house sitting her since the owner is away.
All dogs girls in the house, and as soon as I'm done writing in here I'll take all of them out for a walk and stretch. They have different personalities, and I love to get to know them better during our walks.
MMMhh, the tea is great, now ready to drink! Sometimes U can find also aduki beans ice cream, I tried it (I have a very sweet tooth:-)) and it tasted pretty good...believe me, if I say so, it does...being from Italy and having the dairy ones for such a long time (before I got to macrobiotics) !!
So,the dogs are really callin'me and lickin' my arms and feet.I must take 'em out before they eat me as their ice creM!!
CIAO and have a nice day@Annalisa

Friday, August 15, 2008

Taking care of mugen on Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks Annalisa! I'll be sure there's some sushi left for you next time. I'm surprised you didn't get to have any! Sushi sure is fun to make.

Today I took all five dogs for a walk and it was great! The weather is so beautiful. The dogs loved their walk and I got some exercise.

Eric, Sanae and Junko went to the Kushi Institute for the Summer Conference. I have yet to hear about it but I'm looking forward to learning about their experiences. I know that there were many speakers and classes at the Summer Conference, and many of the staff members have many, many years of experience with Macrobiotics, so I'm sure that it was very enriching and inspiring. I wish I could have been there! Perhaps I can go next summer. Let's hope that they are still holding the Summer Conference for many years to come!

Time to help with making the lunch and setting up the new MySpace account for Studio Mugen!

Have a great weekend everyone,


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Save sushi for me - Annalisa

My Tummy doesn't care if they don't look,as long as the taste is good,and I'm sure it did...:-)))))
So, here I am today, I haven't been here at Studio Mugen for 2 weeks, and I missed it, it's like part of my weekly routine.
I finished work super early today, so I came earlier, and already took the dogs out, all 4 of them.
It's good exercise for me too, it took me about 1 hour and 25 mins alltogether.
I was excited just to hear about the summer conference at the Kushi Institute where Eric, sanae and Junko went.
Next year I'm planning to go to take level 1, and maybe goin' there for the summer conference too, there are so many wonderful teachers, along with the fact the place itself is beautiful (I saw the pictures).
I really can't wait to start studing seriously, I'm trying to read books, nd take classes whenever there are some around, but I love to go when there are those evnts where U dive in the Macrobiotics for days in a row.
Here is too easy to get distracted with every day life,a dn I also have to work of course, so I don't have all the time I'd like to dedicate to the study of Macrobiotics.
I loved going to the Cruise where I took so many classes, it was great, then French Meadows,and next for me will be Lino Stanchich 's retreat in October.
Those events are too far apart, so for me coming here at Studio Mugen gives me the great opportunity to keep touch basewith Macrobiotics every week. I 'm always grateful to God I have this opportunity,a dn also, I live only 23 blocks from here (today I also came with the bicycle, the weather is just too good to use the car).
Well,all 4 now, U guys take care and please,leave us your feedback!!ciao#Best,Annalisa

Friday, August 1, 2008

An overcast but cool Friday, August 1, at Studio Mugen

Hello again everyone, this is Joel!

I'm preparing my blog today as the cool Pacific Ocean breeze soothes my body. Santa Monica is truly a wonderful town. It's scenic, tranquil, and a great place to have a Macrobiotic community!

Today Marco (another Studio Mugen volunteer) fed the dogs and I will take them on their weekly walk again. I made Israeli couscous this week, and boiled some cauliflower. My lunch today will consist of fish, couscous, bread, vegetables, and spaghetti.

I rolled my first sushi rolls here at Studio Mugen. It's not the easiest thing to do for a first-timer, but I managed! It's important to wet the nori and roll them tight so that the texture and presentation is good. I had vegetables creeping out of the sides of mine, but that's okay! It was my first time!

Till next time,