Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finding joy in our life:

Although our lives have been moving fast and furiously, I have felt good health and happiness under the summer sun & moon!

Our family consists of five dogs and one cat. I was not blessed in this life with children, but my pets are so good to me and give me unconditional love.
Next to Eric, they are the best part of my life. I make organic foods for them everyday. Our youngest, Lumi and Bubu, have been raised with my new vegan macrobiotic home-made dog food.

In our lifetime we have rescued many dogs and cats, but twelve years ago I also started raising therapy dogs as part of my mission to give back to the world. They give not only to me, but to so many, so much joy in a life that can wear us down.

Lumi just had three healthy, robust, and adorable puppies via natural birth, so now we are 8 dogs and one cat under one roof.

Here are photos and a video that I hope will bring you a smile.

Lumi and her puppies, one day old:
Lumi & puppies IMG_6503

One day old - Close up:
Lumi's Puppy IMG_6506

One week old:

Two weeks old - eyes are starting to open:

Four weeks old - Playing with their grandma:
Oro helping Lumi IMG_6601

Five weeks old:

Six and a half weeks old: