Monday, February 14, 2011

LOL Valentine Card!

This was 19th Valentine day for Eric and I together.

Since Eric had to work this year on Valentine day at Seed we decided to celebrate it on Feb. 12, Sat.

Eric made a delicious valentine pancake with berries and maple syrup in the morning.
I made heart shape coasters with an organic cotton and recycled cotton clothe for our teacups.
Later we went the SM beach for our early valentine sunset dinner.
We found out that we both had the same ideas of Valentine's cards this year.
They were both so funny and we laughed so much.

Almost 20 years together we are choosing LOL (lots of laugh!!!)over a romance for our valentine day.

Happy Valentine Day for you too!!!

Valentine Pancake!

Look at Eric’s face when he opened the card that I gave him. (It had smooch sounds and it surprised him so much!)

Eric and the card!

The Valentine card form Eric was licking of dog for me.

These are my first heart shape coasters.

The coasters with teacups.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My favorite day..

What is your favorite kind of day?
For me, just an ordinary one

It was a beautiful morning,
so I decided to go on the rooftop after breakfast and spend time with the sky, wind and sunshine.

There was a beautiful sound of music that the wind was making with the bamboo trees.
The birds were singing joyfully, the hummingbird was so cute as it darted about,
and the bees were busy going from purple basil flowers to flowers.
Even the airplane engine’s sound was like a musical instrument conducted by the sun.

My dogs and cat sleeping soundlessly next me was a relaxing sight and gave me a safe feeling.

So there is nothing special about this day,
but it is my favorite kind, when I am feeling connected inside and outside.
Feeling satisfied and content with the simplest,
most basic things may be the secret to happiness, after all.

Oro loves a ball so much she has to sleep with it:

Sky with Sage and Purple Basil Flowers:

Bubu and Mai-cat of 18 years old:

This red hamming bird is so beautiful and was taking a break:

Kula and Lumi (left to right)

Leo likes to keep one of his eyes open while he is sleeping:

Blueberries flowers are so cute:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year Seed Community Celan Up!

A New Year makes one motivated to kick off a fresh beginning,
or at least I had resolved to write about all the classes and events we had,
but January came and went already. Oh, boy…

Now it was just Chinese New Year here,
so here’s a fresh look at a tradition we hold dear to our heart,
as humble and small-scale as it may seem.

Sunday, Jan. 2

The year’s first Seed Community Cleanup (SCC) day met with a rather cold morning. There was a lot of trash for us to be dealt with after the holidays. We felt energized and ready for the task.

The volunteers were Vladcka, a ceramic artist who moved to the U.S. from Czech Republic, and a SCC regular, and there was newcomer Amanda, an actress who just moved to Santa Monica from New York. She is originally from Australia and a big fan of Seed. By the time we finished the entire block we were all warmed up and we felt as though our souls got cleaned up, too. Not too many people know about our little act in the eco-green movement, but we have welcomed volunteers on Sundays since Seed opened two years ago. We looked back and counted 62 times! Still, each time we feel it’s only a beginning. There is so much more we can do to help the earth.

The next SCC is on Sunday, Feb. 13. Hope you can join us (and get 10% off from Seed’s lunch)

Vladka and Eric (from left to right)
Clean up 2011 IMG_5413