Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bring in the New Year powerfully with a commitment to yourself, and please read this post for the latest updates! Happy Holidays!

That's right, now's the time to create a powerful, healthy, wholesome, healing diet for yourself! If you're not already macrobiotic or want to learn more, attend some classes at Studio Mugen and go eat at Seed (now open)! Remember, your health is everything, and if you have it you have everything.

I haven't been here for a few weeks and it's good to be back. I miss volunteering. I get so caught up in my own life and find that everything's all about ME, and not ANYONE ELSE! I enjoy giving myself to others for a change, instead of always giving myself to me. It's easy to make excuses to not do good things, but ultimately it's not very rewarding and the satisfaction derived from this is fleeting; it doesn't last.

On a lighter note, I have found that drinking miso soup (I know, I know, I've talked about this in previous blogs! :) ) makes me feel better throughout the day. It's so warm and healing. Drink your miso soup as much as possible, preferably every morning.

After I post this blog Sanae and I are going to have winter soup, and then I will take the dogs for a walk. It's gray and cold today, and we're expecting rain, so it won't be a long walk, but the dogs don't care! They're just so happy to get out and walk!

Also, visit the events page at for upcoming events and activities at Studio Mugen.

Until next time, don't forget to pay a visit to Seed for your winter diet, and have a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year!

Enjoy the pictures!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

All of us at studio mugen would like to wish you a Happy Holiday! We hope you have a safe one, and get to spend a joyous time with your friends and family.

I will be spending time in Los Angeles with my friends cooking and eating tons of delicious vegan food! Eric and Sanae gave me their dessert cookbook for Christmas, so I will be making decadent desserts for all my friends. Yummm!

Seed will be closing early Christmas Eve and will be closed Christmas day and the 26th. Eric and Sanae have been working really hard and deserve a break!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jessica Porter teaches at studio mugen!

I was in Texas last week visiting my family and eating delicious vegan food and it seems that no one was in the office. I think Annalise went to Italy to visit family (lucky her!), so that leaves me to catch you up on what is going on here at studio mugen. :)

We are very excited to have Jessica Porter again at studio mugen in January!

She is the author of The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics and will be teaching three amazing classes to help you on your way to health and happiness.

Jessica has been practicing macrobiotics since 1992. She teaches regularly at the Kushi Summer Conference, Kripalu Yoga Center and The Taste of Health Caribbean Cruise. Originally trained as an actress, Ms. Porter does standup comedy in her spare time. Her lectures and cooking classes are lively, funny, and full of macro wisdom. Check out her blog, classes and videos at

Saturday, January 24
Winter Cooking: Winter is a very special time when energy gathers in the body; we need to keep warmth inside ourselves, so we need to heat things up in the kitchen. EVEN IN CALIFORNIA! In this class, we will bake, stew and deep fry!

Saturday, January 31
Comfort Foods: In this class we cover two amazing recipes in depth. First, you will learn how to make your own seitan--which is incredibly easy once you've seen it done, but almost impossible to learn from a recipe! Second, we will build the most amazing lasagna, with seitan, portobello mushroom, 3 kinds of "cheese" and carrot/beet tomato sauce. Bring your appetite!

Saturday, February 7th

Spring Cooking: They say Spring doesn't being until March 21st, but that's not true. The energy begins to lift and expand on December 21st and by the end of January vegans and macros can really feel changes happening in their bodies. In this class, we learn how to lighten up in the kitchen as springtime approaches. It's one of the most delicate and yet important transitions of year. We will press, toss and make a lovely spring soup in this class.

Time: 2-5pm
Place: Santa Monica, CA
Fee: $75 each

Register and pay by January 14th to receive $10 off a class!
Register and pay for all 3 classes by Jan 14th and get $30 off!

*Please bring pen, notebook and indoor shoes or socks.
*If you wish to take food home, please bring your own container.
*Please bring your own plate and chopsticks.

*Please pre-register and pay no later than January 17th by e-mailing us at

(Minimum of 5 people is required to hold the class. Space is limited so don't wait.)
(Refunds can only be given if a 5 days notice is received. Or you may take a credit for future class.)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

News from seed restaurant

Studio mugen's sister company is "Seed"restaurant, located in Venice, California. Seed prepares vegan, macrobiotic cuisine without using any refined sugar or chemicals. They also use filtered water for cooking and locally-grown organic produce when possible. Their wholesome, minimally-processed food is prepared according to macrobiotic principles and their menu features burgers, paninis, curry bowls, desserts, organic teas and more. If you are ever in the neighborhood, drop by!

If you have already eaten at seed, please review your experience online at,, and

Also, seed offers gift cards available for any amount, making for the perfect gift for friends and family who enjoy healthy and delicious food.

Special for the holidays, seed offers a Holiday Bento Box for pickup on Christmas Eve.

The Holiday Bento Box includes:
* Parsnip & Chestnut Soup
* Tofu Turkey with Gravy and Cranberry Sauce
* Baked Yams
* Green Beans w/Kale and Almonds
* Sanae's Homemade Pickles
* Pecan Amasake Pie

All this for $45. We are taking pre-orders now, so give us a call with your credit card at 310.396.1604