Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LA Macrobiotic Conference 2012

The first Los Angeles Macrobiotic Conference was held Saturday, October 13, 2012. 
The conference featured many leaders in the macrobiotic community and was supported by a variety of macrobiotic-oriented vendors.

Our Seed Kitchen was catered Lunch and Dinner for 55 people.
Eric and I also did our cooking class.

We also set up as a vendor and Pamela Buonanotte helped us to introduce and sell our products: Seed Kitchen's cookies, Croissant,  Atlantic Sea vegetables,  Eco-green Bamboo Utensil set, organic dog treats and shampoo, our cookbooks and my macrobiotic skincare line and dog shampoo etc.
It was fun and everybody had good time.

We thank Danny Kessler and Jeanne Beveridge and Patrick Grosset to put all this conference to be success and all the people who patisipate and support this event in LA.
We hope to be a part of this even many more years!!!


Seed 1_LA Macro Conf 03 Registration: Danny Kessler

Seed 3_LA Macro Conf 011 Seed Kitchen's vendor table 

L1050800 My Macrobiotic Skincare products: Sea Vegetable Scrub and Whole Grains Cleanser - 100% Organic, Vegan and Gluten free!

IMAG0751 with Pamela Buonanotte

L1050810 Lunch by Seed Kitchen

L1050808 Serving Lunch 

Seed 7_LA Macro Conf 033 Cooking class Roasting Millet

Seed 14_LA Macro Conf 040 Cooking class with Eric

IMAG0754 Julia Ferre' and Jessica Porter

L1050814 Dinner by Seed Kitchen