Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Cooking Class

Our Vegan Macrobiotic SUMMER Cooking class was lots of fun and scrumptious food! 
Whole meal on the plate under sunIMG_7694 

Menu IMG_7699
Summer Cooking  Menu

People with different levels of experience came together and learned as a team, adding diversity and spice to the class.
One was a long time macrobiotic student (more than 10 years).
One had been studying macrobiotics for a few years.
One was studying a long time ago, stopped for a while, and decided to start afresh.
One had just star thinking about it.  A vegan high school student came with her father, sister, a friend, and a  curious and hungry mind.
One was a yoga teacher who was new in macrobiotics.
Check out the photos of the class.
Quinoa cooking photo-121
Cooking Quinoa with Corn 
Eric showing how to cut photo-119
Eric showing how to cut to high school  student
Sanae @ Summer Cooking 06-23-12
Sanae was covering the lid for Tempeh dish
Greens photo-117 
Summer Greens
Whole Meals on the table photo-108
Summer Complete Meal
Soup photo-115
Summer Soup 

Desserts Coffee Gelle photo-114
Dessert: Grain Coffee Gelée and Almond Cream Anglaise 

Happy Students with Eric IMG_7686
Happy People 
Leo IMG_7707
Leo got tired of waiting by the door while cooking class
Coming up are a picnic potluck at Clover Park in Santa Monica on Sat. July 28, 
a SEASONAL cooking class for LATE SUMMER on Sat. September 1, at studio mugen in Santa Monica. 
Hope you will join us!!!
Love, Sanae