Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vegan Macrobiotic Cooking Class: Healing Your Body and Mind

Healing body and mind macrobiotic whole plant-based vegan cooking class #3 was help on September 24, 2015. 

It has been a very hot and humid summer in Southern California. Many people eat spicy, salty food and drink cold icy drinks too much. I eat very carefully to not loose balance of principle of macrobiotic eating, but I even seek out to eat a little more herbal and spicy food, more raw salad, and raw seasonal fruits and drinks with more purified water cooler barley tea.  My focus is not too eating too extreme so I loose the balance. It is easy to just eat spicy food and icy drink to drop your body temperature, but in order to balance our body temperature comes up again to stabilized to our normal body temperature. Our body is very complex and well made if it is too hot and our body is healthy we seat and lower the body temperature. When you go out the most places have air conditioning systems and it is a way too cold for most of people who eat healthy, but outside is so hot so in and out of this extreme temperature difference whack our balance and our bodies are not able to use our natural thermostat in our systems.  It is the end of September, but it is still hot but then once a while temperature drops suddenly and we loose our health balance.

We focused on:
How to cook for hot summer to hot late summer transitioning in LA area:
How does this hot humid weather effect our mind?
How do we take care of our health differently?

Even it is hot weather and we feel we are drawn to eat extreme food and drink for temporary relief, but we keep our principle and eat some whole grains or noodles/pasta once a day with leafy green vegetables and sea vegetables also and soup also.

Our menu was

White Navy Beans with Corn Soup: Corn wasn’t originally in this recipe, but we chose to use it when we saw it was near the end of the season at the farmers market which we highlighted in this soup and it also gives nourishment

Millet and Kabocha Squash with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: Millet is high plant based protein whole grain and we added sweet vegetables to relax our pancreas and spleen/late summer organs

Miso-Glazed Grilled Cauliflower: Using a BBQ grill to cook something yummy and easy. Everyone loved this dish so much.

Pressed Raw Kale Salad with Red Radish: This surprised most macrobiotic people how raw kale can be tender and so tasty – the key was massaging kale gently, but well.

Quick Cucumber Ginger Pickles with Arame: Eating sea vegetables is important in a plant-based diet. Learn to eat variety way of eating.

Raspberry Mousse: Fresh raspberries are in season.  It is not too sweet, but it gave us a good satisfaction to complete the meal.  

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