Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A wonderful Macrobiotic lunch!

Hello everyone, this is Joel again.

Today we had a great lunch consisting of pressed salad and noodles. I topped it off with gomachio and it was delicious. We also had dressing for the salad. I took the dogs for a walk again and worked on the website. I also set up a new MySpace account for Studio Mugen! However, it's currently under construction, but once it goes "live" you will all know about it!

When I was volunteering in the kitchen at the Kushi Institute, I learned that it's always better to overcook greens than to undercook them. This makes sense. if you overcook greens (and many other things for that matter), you will drain them of their vitamins and they will be soggy. This is obviously not good and defeats the purpose of getting the most out of your food. However, if they're undercooked, they may be dangerous to eat for some people (depending on the condition of the person), and they won't taste nearly as good.

Keep these tips in mind next time you make greens. I always put a pinch of seasalt into the boiling water before adding the greens, and I usually cook them for about five minutes or less, depending on how much your making.

Hope this helps; have a great day!


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