Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese New Year of 2014 at Seed Kitchen

--> I am from Japan originally and Japanese people use Chinese calender and follow 12 Chinese animal symbols as much as Nine Star Ki which macrobiotics people study also. My mother and sister mastered Chinese 12 animal symbols and Nine Star Ki so I grown up with them and even add the western astrology when I was in high school. I love all them to bring my self-esteem up and simple guidance for my life.

I usually talk about new year prediction in my new year cooking/lecture class, but this year I asked Eric to make one of my favorite dish – Gyouza/Pot Sticker (which usually has meat, but we make it with shiitake mushroom and cabbage) so we wanted to make these as Special Chinese New Year menu at Seed Kitchen so he made it Gyouza Wonton, Sweet Sour Tempeh Salad and Carrot Cup Cake!
They were so good...I can still taste in my mouth how they were so delicious!!!
Sorry for people who could not make it, but at least the photos for you...

Gyoza Style Wonton Soup

Sweet Sour Chinese Temepeh Salad

Carrot Cup Cake

After we ate I offered that the 2014 year of horse Chinese predication and 2014 view for each person who attended this event.
Here is short version for people who could not come since a couple people have asked.

Chinese New Year Prediction for 2014
Year of green/wood/tree horse

The horse which is the seventh sign in Chinese astrology is a symbol of nobility, fame, elegance, grit (courage and resolve; strength of character), endurance, vitality. True spirit and determination.
Known as the year for leaders, 2014 is set for those who want to make a difference and know how to make it happen.

This is the year of forward thinking, strategic planning and long term investment.

People who cater for alternative medicine will have an increase of demand for their services and more people will crave for more peaceful existence. This will be the year where people will get together to help and give support to each other.


·  Lucky Colors: green, red, purple
·  Lucky Numbers: 2, 7

All the work you did in 2013 with your work and social life can be pay off although there are still ups and down. You may see yourself become quite the socialite and see a big rise in popularity but please be aware that 2014 will not be the greatest of year for the Rat as they are the conflict animal for the Horse year.

·  Lucky Colors: blue, yellow, green
·  Lucky Numbers: 1, 4

If you are Ox and able to accept change and learn to adapt at the beginning of the year, you will do well in 2014.  You also could see many good opportunities come your way throughout the year. It is an eventful year for the Ox and one where they shall need to learn to adapt and adjust to changes quickly or they could see themselves left behind and missing out on some very good opportunities presented to them.

·  Lucky Colors: blue, grey, white, orange
·  Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4

The Tiger can rejoice in the fact that overall, the year of the Horse will be a very fortunate year for them and they will achieve a great deal in 2014. Tigers ending the year of the Snake with problems should not worry as they should be short lived and their luck should change for the better as the year of the Horse sets in. The Horse will need to put some effort in to their actions during the year but they will help them. 

·  Lucky Colors: red, pink, purple, blue
·  Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9 
It will go very well for the Rabbit in Horse year with many good career prospects and exciting times although they may get frustrated at times with the pace of the year as there will be a lot to handle at once for the Rabbit in 2014. One of the highlights of the Rabbits year will be their social life which will be filled with many events and opportunities to meet new people and make some really good connections in the financial world.

·  Lucky Colors: gold, silver, grayish white
·  Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7 
The year of the Horse is a year that can be very successful for the Dragon although they will have to be careful and avoid taking too many risks through the year.  There will be some aspects of the Dragons life that will be harder than others but with some determination and perseverance, they should be able to make the year of the Horse a successful and satisfying year when you take care of yourself and family.

·  Lucky Colors: red, pale yellow, black
·  Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 9 
For the Snake as the fast pace that a Horse year has to offer can sometimes unsettle the pace of the Snake and cause them to feel isolated from everything going on around them; this year may not be the greatest in every aspect but that does not mean that there will not be many successes for the Snake throughout the year of the Horse.

·  Lucky Colors: green, red, purple
·  Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
This can be a very memorable year; just make sure that you do not take others good nature for granted this year as there is a risk of problems caused by people helping the Horse and getting it thrown back in their face.  

·  Lucky Colors: green, red, purple
·  Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
Many opportunities for the Goat in 2014 and this will be a year where the Goat has the option to make this either a very satisfying year or also a calm and relaxed one. Career will go smooth for the Goat in the year of the Horse and they should be able to take on a lot more responsibility through using their experience from previous years. The year of the Horse is a good year to set plan In motion by taking on a more authoritative attitude towards your career 

 ·  Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue
·  Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8

The Monkey will want to make the most of the year and there will be many aspects where they are able to thrive in a certain part of their life but there is also risks of overworking themselves in the year of the Horse or deceive themselves in to thinking that they are doing better than they actually are although the Monkey can still do very well In the year of the Horse so do not focus too much on this.  

·  Lucky Colors: gold, brown, yellow
·  Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 8 
The Roosters amazing organisational skills will help them out a huge amount in the year of the Horse and they will find that they enter the year fully prepared for whatever lays ahead. A great way to get ahead this year would be to write a wish list of what they wish to achieve this year and check back on the list regularly and add to what they would like out of this year. 

·  Lucky Colors: green, red, purple
·  Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 8 
The Dog may find that they have learned a great deal in the last few years and this will be portrayed through their actions in the year of the Horse. 2014 can be a very satisfying and proactive year for the Dog where they can achieve a great deal with many satisfying rewards both emotionally and physically. 

·  Lucky Colors: yellow, gray, brown, gold
·  Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 8
The Pig will do extremely well during the year of the Horse and will have a great deal of great moments and opportunities to develop themselves. The Pig may have not had the best outcome from the year of the Snake but they should find that they are entering 2014 with a great  sense of confidence.

Whatever you do, remember that this is the year of you who have a determination to change your life better to move forward to be happier.
Good luck!
Love,  Sanae