Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From Annalisa

Heeey, it's Annalisa again...hope everyone's doing well.
Sanae just made an aduki beans tea, it's too hot, but I'd rather burn my tongue 'cause I can't wait to have it!
It's very delicious, plus it helps streghtening the kidneys.
I do need it.
Today I met a new dog, they are house sitting her since the owner is away.
All dogs girls in the house, and as soon as I'm done writing in here I'll take all of them out for a walk and stretch. They have different personalities, and I love to get to know them better during our walks.
MMMhh, the tea is great, now ready to drink! Sometimes U can find also aduki beans ice cream, I tried it (I have a very sweet tooth:-)) and it tasted pretty good...believe me, if I say so, it does...being from Italy and having the dairy ones for such a long time (before I got to macrobiotics) !!
So,the dogs are really callin'me and lickin' my arms and feet.I must take 'em out before they eat me as their ice creM!!
CIAO and have a nice day@Annalisa

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