Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring 2012

It was pretty warm winter, but also our weather here in Southern California has been so temperamental.
Someday gets so warm even hot and we forgot it was winter and someday was so cold and windy we forgot we live in Southern California. Either way we tent to forget where we are living (ha ha ha...laugh!)


However we have noticed our peach tree in Santa Monica has been in full bloom, about 4 weeks earlier than usual.
I heard that Maple trees in the East Coast are releasing syrup much faster, and the syrup is not mature yet, so it would take much more to make sweet syrup this year. Consequently, the price is expected to be much higher. Just like these maple trees humans are releasing body fluid, and many people are experiencing a much earlier spring detoxing.

We recommend that you simply include wholegrain and balanced vegetables (root, round and leafy) in your diet, eat less, chew well, and do moderate exercises --walk outside for 30 minutes-- have fun, and get enough rest. We send out our Newsletter for more details on Seasonal Healthy Tips so if you are interested to receive it, please email us from our website of

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Here are beautiful photos we took this Spring in our garden:

Sunlight Almond Bloosom


Loquat IMG_7342

Apple Mint


Carrot Tops
Carrot tops IMG_7332

Bee and Peach Blossom

Hope you enjoy our photos of Spring!

Have a sweet happy spring for you, your family and friends.