Friday, November 28, 2008

You can't miss this update!

Hi everyone,

First of all, the whole world needs to know that "Seed", the new restaurant opened by Eric and Sanae in Venice, California, has a gathering every Tuesday night at 7:00. The community fee is $5, and it is open to the public. However, the maximum amount of people at the gathering is 10, so come early. This is the place to be if you want first-hand feedback from Sanae (macrobiotic counselor), and to discuss different topics relating to vegetarianism, veganism, and macrobiotics. Please visit Seed's official website at for more information, as well as the address and phone number.

If you check out page 17 of the December 2008/January 2009 Volume 7/No. 10 issue of LA Yoga magazine, you'll discover a short article/blurb written on Seed! The article is called "seed Sprouts in Venice". Read the article and you'll find a new opportunity to "sprout a healthy life" by eating at Seed. This restaurant is perfect for any "newbies" that are interested in tasting macrobiotic/vegan/vegetarian food. While the atmosphere may be considered "casual", the menu is casual and complex, featuring simple and complex dishes, so your palette will not get bored! Also, as the article explains, Seed is environmentally conscious, and in today's world, caring about the environment is more crucial than ever before. Make your contribution to a healthier body and cleaner environment by dining at Seed.

This Sunday, November 30, is Community Cleanup in Venice with Sanae. We will be picking up trash to restore the beautiful appearance of Venice Beach. Bring your own rake, shovel, pan, and trash bags. We will meet at Seed at 10:00 am. Please visit the website for details:

I just took the dogs for a two hour walk. It was too long and I got lost coming back! The dogs did of course love the walk more than anything, and they weren't even tired when we got back! I stopped to get them some water at a local British pub on Lincoln Boulevard, and they were fully reenergized after that!

Till next time,

Friday, November 14, 2008

A great experience at Seed Kitchen

Today I had the pleasure of eating at Sanae's and Eric's new restaurant called "Seed". It was absolutely delicious. I ordered coffee, the soup of the day (minestrone), the Mango Tango bowl, the Soysage Panini, the Indian Curry, and the Blackened Tempeh Burger (I was hungry!). I had a taste of each dish and everything was excellent. I especially enjoyed the Blackened Tempeh Burger; it was so flavorful and, by the way, all the portions are generous for this kind of restaurant. I am looking forward to continuing my feast at dinner! The atmosphere is very comfortable and colorful, making it a nice, pleasant place to eat. There were many people there, so it looks like the place is off to a great start! It's in such a great location too, right near the beach. There are so many interesting people that congregate in that area, and this gives Seed a great dynamic, along with a very diverse customer base. I highly recommend Seed to anyone looking for a great restaurant, and you don't have to be macrobiotic or vegan, because I'm confident that whoever eats this food will be satisfied.

I took the dogs for a nice long walk and boy oh boy were they excited! We almost went to the beach. The walk lasted for over an hour.

Now, I'm going to write my reviews for Seed! I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. I believe that the restaurant has a bright future, and I'm very happy for Sanae and Eric; they are living their dream!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lunch at Seed!

Great lunch today at SEED! I got off work at 12pm, ride my bicicle and stopped at Whole Foods for some shopping (the new one in Venice, it's huge, I love it), and literally rush to get my lunch at SEED...BOY!I ordered the saisai donburi (don't ask me what it means) macro bowl, and it's just like I'd make my lunch at home: only just about a million times better...I like when I go out and I don't have to order something too different from what I eat...anyway...this bowl from heaven comes with kabocha, kale ,shiitake, arame seaweed, beans of the day (today was pinto), sauerkraut and a yummi balsamic-miso sauce (which I almost drunk), served on a bed of brown rice.The place was packed!!!Word of mouth already started to spread!
I was totally satisfied, but what I was more happy about was that I got there, and I got to hang out with people I mostly know: Kristy was there (she actually works there...btw, if U R reading...HI KRISTIE!!:-)), and Sanae, and also a few people I met at the opening last week.
It's not just a great place to eat, but it's a nice and comfy place to just hang out.
I found out there will be every tuesday night at 7pm the Macrobiotic Community Evening.I hope I'll be able to go, I'm not sure with my work schedule.
It's important for me to keep contact with my macro friends, since we understand each other so well...when "normies"friends'o mine call me to go out on saturday night, and I tell them "sorry...I have to do my ginger compress tonight.."...they are about to call the psychiatry hospital...yes,I know it's hard to understand, I actually was the same way, before getting on this road...but U know what?!So far Macrobiotics have been helping me more than every doctor (omeopathic and conventional) out I owe Macrobiotics a big deal, and , since it requires discipline and a good chunk of your life, I have a lot of respect for whoever practice RULES!!
See U next,and please,leave your feedbacks!!ciao

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eric was born with the golden hands

Hi all,hope everybody's doing great...I am!
Got a looot of sleep last night,it hasn't happen in a looong time!

Anyway, saturday Eric and Sanae had an opening "taste"for friends at the kitchen in Venice Beach, "SEED"...."TASTE"??!!IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE FEAST!!

Oh my God...I already knew it, but after that I'm sure..I'll be their best client!!!

As soon as I got in I was delighted with the place: I loved the transparent curtains that resemble the colors of the logo, green and natural brown.
Workers there are very kind and energetic, ready to start!
The tables are wooden, and they give the place a nice natural look.

I couldn't resist on startin'off with the choc chip and almond cookies with hot barley tea (I was riding my bicicle from work and it started raining, I was wet, hungry and anxious to eat Eric's delicatessen!).

So...Sanae, Mako and Peter sat with me at the table (which I was glad to get to know better), and Kristie started to bring those God sent foods from the kitchen: they were bringing plates full of food which we got to taste a few times each: from Salads, kale salads, mango dips, bowls of rice, tempeh, seitan, veggies and chinese rolls, not to mention the burgers on delicious grilled buns and the last but not least, YAMS FRENCH FRIES!!! And served with organic sugar free ketchup!! I haven't had french fries in I don't know how long...and also guilt-free!!
Oh,, guys, if U'll have the chance to visit SEED U all HAVE TO TRY THE YAM FRENCH FRIES!
Of course, at the end, we got desserts...more and more cookies, Madonna's Coconut and choc Mousses, garnished with sweet sesame sticks, and the best of the best, the CUPCAKES!!! Nothing to envy to the sugary-buttery- oily-processed nasty ones that all of us tried at times,when we didn';t know any better!!
I easily could have only eat the icing...GREEN TEA ICING on a choc cupcake!!!I was in heaven!!
I have to say...Eric was born with the golden hands for food (Italian expression, U know what I mean), and class shows in his food.
No wonder why lots of VIPs beg him to cook for them.
I admire him, he said no to everyone to take the risk to open his new place, and I can only wish him the best of luck, he's a talented hard worker, and so he truly deserve to be, he makes our tummy happy!!
So, I invite everyone to stop by and check the food out...guarantee, U won't be disappointed.
Talk to U all next week!!ciao