Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to deal with stress with Macrobiotic food, Aromatherapy, and Bach Flower Remedy

We had very stressful time in November. 2015 starting pee-thanksgiving.
These are few things happened:

1.     Car broke down on the way back from North Fork on the highway with our six dogs (golden retrievers) and two cats (one cat has issue of car sickness) – the car took two weeks to get fixed. One week later, as of today, it broke down again.


Healing Azuki dish

After car broken down Healthy Happy Pooch came back with a small rental car!

  The hood at our restaurant, Seed Kitchen, broke and was replaced by a professional person and we paid $800 – it broke a few days later and found out that the motor was the wrong motor. Contacted them many times the guy who put the wrong motor, but he never called back. In the mean time we found new people set new motor, but they said they can only come on Thanksgiving day so we had to work and after they set the new motor it was still making a loud noise so Eric went to the roof to check and found out that it replaced in wrong direction. We are so astonished by all these business people who charge us a lot of money to fix, but their work is careless and not responsible.

3.     Our plumbing backed up the day after Thanksgiving day – we thought it was a minor clog, but found out it was major work and the plumber was going to charge so much money so Eric dug up the old pipe for 5 hours and changed to new pipe. Eric mentioned to the plumber it better to clean out before put new pipe, but the plumber said it should be ok since we change to new pipe, but next day it backed up again and Eric went down the house and dug an additional 4 hours and found out there were roots from the tree that were causing the blockage. 

Chef Eric transformed to a plumber

Eric was very exhausted physically digging under the house for so long and his body was in so much pain. We were disappointed that we could not do anything fun and also frustrated with all these business people, but we did our best and made a great thanksgiving dinner for us.