Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seed Kitchen 4 year Anniversary!!!

After the beautiful rain the sun showed up as thought it was just for our 4 year anniversary. Eric made 300 cupcakes for the cerebration.
We thank you so much for coming to Seed Kitchen anniversary event last weekend. Over all more than 200 people came!!! 

We had so much fun with many people. 

Here are the photos!!!

Morning was cloudy from the rain we had all night, but we went to hike and saw this foggy Santa Monica and Venice beach..... 


As we were going to Seed Kitchen's 4 year anniversary there was sun light!!!!


At Seed Kitchen 4 year anniversary cerebration!
Eric and Sanae with sign of anniversary

Eric's anniversary cupcakes:

All day so many people were coming and going:

Cassandra Tondro’s green art was beautiful and inspiring. People had many questions about how she started Green Arts and how she created them. She was very informative and engaging.
Cassandra Tondro’s website: www.tondro.com


Receipe Menu Contest:

Sanae talking to people her 100% organic skin products

Sanae's 100% organic vegan scrub and cleanser
Scrub & Cleanser

Trying out the scrub and cleanser

Eric with his delicious healthy beautiful cupcakes

Thank you so much for coming and supporting our 4 year anniversary!!!!

Eric and Sanae