Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enjoying Life Together

It was Eric’s birthday:

One of best things after we closed Seed Bistro Wilshire Location was Eric and I have more time to enjoy our life together.

Our friends, Mark and Donna decided to take Eric to Mendocino, Northern California for his birthday. Of course I was lucky to be a part of this cerebration.

We stayed A Green Vegan Mendocino Bed and Breakfast Stanford Inn for first time.

Eric was working too much means 90~100 hours last 10 months. 
Eric’s stress level was so high and sometimes I was afraid that he might get sick if he continued.

Look at below photos that how much Eric is enjoying his perfect birthday.

Eric's smile canoeing 
Eric canoeing

Eric with Mark & Donna
Eric with Mark and Donna

Eric's B-Day 2012
Eric’s birthday candle on three flavor sorbets at Stanford Inn

Sometimes when you are working too much you really do not realized how life is simple and it is to have fun anything you do…

When we came back we revised Seed Kitchen’s menu.
Check Seed’s blog to see the new menu items.

This is a greatest time for us to enjoy life together: cooking at home, hiking, spending time with our furry family, taking nap and watching movies….

 Eric making Gyouza with furry assistants
Eric making Potstickers with furry audiences 

Eric with 4 dogs hiking
Eric with four of our dogs in Santa Monica mountain

Bubu takig nap
Bubu taking nap

Our slogan for this summer is "Going slow"!!!
Hope you enjoy your summer.

My best,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Los Angeles Macrobiotic Conference

Finally, West cost/Los Angeles will have Macrobiotic Conference.
Thanks to Danny  to putting together.
It is so excited!!!!

Save your day on Oct. 13, 2012.

Seed kitchen is going to Cater the food!!!

Eric and I are going to teach a cooking class also.

Contact for information and registration