Friday, August 1, 2008

An overcast but cool Friday, August 1, at Studio Mugen

Hello again everyone, this is Joel!

I'm preparing my blog today as the cool Pacific Ocean breeze soothes my body. Santa Monica is truly a wonderful town. It's scenic, tranquil, and a great place to have a Macrobiotic community!

Today Marco (another Studio Mugen volunteer) fed the dogs and I will take them on their weekly walk again. I made Israeli couscous this week, and boiled some cauliflower. My lunch today will consist of fish, couscous, bread, vegetables, and spaghetti.

I rolled my first sushi rolls here at Studio Mugen. It's not the easiest thing to do for a first-timer, but I managed! It's important to wet the nori and roll them tight so that the texture and presentation is good. I had vegetables creeping out of the sides of mine, but that's okay! It was my first time!

Till next time,


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