Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Walk On The Beach

My husband, Eric and I love the ocean and going to beach. However we haven't visited the beach due to our hectic lives, however we are trying to change that by visiting more often.

The ocean is a beautiful, powerful, energetic and relaxing space which is why we're inviting you to join us for a Walk On The Beach. on Sunday, June 28th from 9-10:30am,

Enjoy a morning stroll on the beach while snapping photos, swimming, surfing, SUP, yoga, meditating, watching the waves and more.


What to bring:
• Blanket or towel to sit.
• Beach chair (option)
• Water
• Warm clothes and hat
• Food (option) in case you get hungry
If you want to bring something to eat and drink. That's great!

This is the first Meet Up so it may be a smaller turnout, however we will be there.

How to find us:
The end of Ocean Park Blvd. from east side make a left on Barnard way and park in the city parking lot on the right side by by 2600 Barnard Way.
When you park you must pay, but if you are thinking to go to Farmers Market on Main St. (one block a way), then ask for validation at the Farmers Marke.

I suggest to park south side of parking lot near the public toilet - Ashland Ave and a shower area. When you go to the beach find the lifeguard station #28. We are going to be around there with our service dog, Kula.

Hope to see you!