Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Organic Hand Made Female Napkins

Hi I am Emily, a new assistant for Sanae and Eric.

When I first started working at studio mugen in spring 2011, Sanae introduced me to Yogo (U5) touta. napkins. When she told me how they are made of organic cotton, it made sense. She explained how regular napkins can cause eczema and skin problems on the body. The doctors only helped control the eczema but after switching to touta napkins, the eczema completely disappeared!

Sanae and Yogo(U5) at Seed kitchen:

Sanae showed me the napkins and they were soooo soft! I was hooked! The touta. napkins are reusable, and come in many different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. This gives me variety for what kind of day I’m having to choose what works best. Touta also has a special cleaner that keeps the napkins stain free and soft. When I bought them, I could choose the sizes I needed and cool colors I liked, as well as the cleaning solution. It was easy to see how to take care of them because of the pictures in the book, even though I don’t speak or read Japanese.

The touta. napkins:
Napkins IMG_6713

Another girl, Kumi who works here explained to me the details in how long to soak for and how much to use. I usually use about 6 cups of water and about a teaspoon of cleaner for each napkin I’m washing, I let them soak overnight and hang dry during the day. All I kept thinking when I bought them was how much money I’m saving because I’ll never have to buy those disposable chemical-filled pads again! Thank you Yugo for making mother natures gift a little merrier! If anyone is interested in these magical products, feel free to email us at contact@seedkitchen.com

Me and the touta. handbook:

This is touta.'s website. It is only Japanese, but there are many photos.