Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Healing Recipe for Medication Side Effect #1: including loosing smell

I did not take medication for a long time, but my tooth broke due to three consecutive nightmares that I had in January (I had a serious car accident in 2001 and I have had PTSD, but I did not have a nightmare for a while). 

The dental local anesthesia gave me a side effect. I did not want to take  pain medication from the doctor, but I had too much pain so I took one tablet of pain medication which gave me serious side effect and I could not move much for three days. It was so scared.  

It has been three week, I lost my taste buds and smell and  have a low fever everyday. Feeling very tired and weak.  In five elements that taste is associated Soil energy and smell with Fire energy I have been making healing remedy drinks and healing foods to resonate with those stage of transformation or the preceding stages that nourish them. 

There are many remedy drinks and healing food I could make for myself. 
I hope my experience helps others so I would share recipe one by one.

Healing Recipe for medication side effect #1 including loosing smell:

Leafy Green Remedy Drink for Fire Energy.


1. Very finely chop two or three kinds of large, leafy green vegetables. (I used collards, dandelion, and daikon leaves).


2. Add twice the amount of cold water.


3. Bring to a gentle boil and simmer with 2” kombu sea vegetable for 5 minutes
4. Strain out the solid vegetables and add a pinch of sea salt or a few drops of shoyu/soy sauce/tamari toward the end of simmering and stir instead of kombu.
5. Drink hot or at room temperature.


This remedy drink also help to detox your liver that toxic from medication and liver disorder from yang condition from eating excessive chips, bread and too much eggs and dissolve heavy, stagnated protein, animal fat, and cholesterol deposits.

My sense of smell has coming back slowly, but surely.

with love and plant healing power,



でも、 仕事関係のストレスもあってか、14年前に臨死体験をした酷い交通事故のPTSDの悪夢を立て続けに3回も見た。その結果、歯が割れてしまうという状況になり抜歯をすることになった。長年、ドクターからの薬を摂っていなかったせいもあって、歯医者での部分麻酔と抜歯後にとった抗生物質と痛み止めの副作用で体調を崩してその上、味覚と臭覚をなくしてしまいました。



1. 葉野菜を2-3種類細かく刻み、2倍の水を加える。(私は今回コラードと、大根葉、タンポポ葉を使用した)。


2. 1を火にかけゆっくりと沸騰させて、昆布を1cmくらい入れて3-5分ことことと煮る。


3. 2 漉しす。昆布の代わりに仕上げに一つまみの海塩か数滴のしょうゆを加えてもよい。


4. 温かいうちに飲む。