Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seed of Happiness

Life is a journey that you plant a seed and sometimes you never know when and which seed grown into and what will happen to your seed in your journey. You plant a seed and the seed may not sprout till much much later, but "never say never", this is one of my favorite English sayings.

Seed of Pomegranate in North Fork, Califronia

I always enjoyed yoga when I started it back in college in the 80’s. There was one point that I thought about wanting to be a yoga teacher. However in '93, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and my focus changed to learning macrobiotics, to save my life.

Santa Monica Yoga studio the front side

After I healed myself and started teaching macrobiotic cooking classes and nutrition counseling I was enjoying practicing yoga. In 2001 when I had the serious car accident it took the mobility of my physical ability away. When that happened, I never thought I would be able to practice yoga like I used to. I’m not the type of person who discontinues doing what I enjoy. As soon as I started using a wheelchair, I began to go restorative yoga classes and last year I started practicing walking with my six Healthy Happy Pooches. I still have pain and walking stimulates so it brings me more pain physically, but I feel happy.

One of my dogs, Happy is helping me to walk on the hill when we went to hike.

Now, I turned to 60 years old and walk to Santa Monica Yoga Studio which is 6 blocks away from my house and practice yoga three to four times a week. I can’t believe myself, but this past weekend at Santa Monica Yoga, I took my first Yoga Teacher Training course with my yoga teachers, Nancy Goodstein and Jamie Elmer (yoga anatomy).

Yoga teachers training teachers, Nancy Goodstein and Jamie Elmer (yoga anatomy) last weekend.

It was lots of work and I do not know how I could finish, but with the love and support of my husband, Eric Lechasseur to take care of our four-legged family (six dogs and two cats) at home and our restaurant business, Seed Kitchen in Venice, California.

I thank so much for Santa Monica Yoga people, Bruce, Daniel and Janet and all the other teachers, especially Allison, Nathalie, Laura, Cindy, and Carole.

My class' mates of yoga teacher training last week with Nancy and Jamie with Bob the skeleton!

I planted a "yoga seed" over 30 years ago and it just started sprouting as I keep taking care of my seed of happiness to grow, bloom and harvest.

Love, Sanae