Tuesday, December 23, 2014

10 days Vipassna Meditation in North Fork, California

After I started to heal myself from an ovarian cancer in 1993 macrobiotic way I felt that there was more than food that can be used to heal holistically. I felt that I really needed to change my life to heal. The changing food itself was a challenge for me in the beginning so I did not know how to change my life more, but it was much more needed to change my actual life. It was so much important to me to be able to learn to have more harmony within myself. One day I noticed that I was so attracted to meditation whenever I heard word of meditation. I tried many different meditation classes and learn the tequnics, but nothing really connected me. It took a while for me to find it, but about 15 years ago I found 10days Vipssana meditation. When I contacted California Vipassana Center they told me that I must be silent for all 10days, no phone, no internet, no eye contact with anybody and get up at 4am and start meditate from 4:30am till 9pm except breakfast, lunch and tea time (no dinner!). Can you believe it, I still wanted to go and experience it.  I was ready to go, but I had a serious car accident and injured my legs so I could not sit for three years. I practiced whatever the meditation I knew how to do it until I was able to go.

I was at 10 day meditation course of Vipassana just before Thanksgiving week. This was my 5th 10 day meditation course in the past 10 years. Contrary to my expectations, this time was the most challenge, because my meditation delved deeper into levels I did not wish to deal with, and I had to experience agitated meditation before getting the benefit. I am happy that I stayed and completed once again.

Vipassana friends who shared the ride from LA to North Fork

Vipassana means to see things as they really are and practice not to react. Total process of learning the art of living and the art of happiness. There are several Vipassana meditation practices and centers. The Vipassana meditation that I have been practicing is done according to the teachings of Mr. S.N. Goenka and is at 300 different locations around the world,  and they are functioning 100% by donation. Their commitment is so firm that even somebody wants to donate money, they would not accept any money if the donor does not complete all 10 days. When I heard about it I could not believe it, but I knew this is the meditation I have been wanting for a long time to practice after I tried many different types of meditation.

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Anybody truly wants to get calming quiet mind with peaceful life let’s practice meditation.
Love, Sanae