Friday, July 26, 2013

My first Ukelele lesson

I have been wanting to learn to play a musical instrument for a long time. 
I tried piano, guitar and something else I cannot even remember when I was a teenager and I love all them, but nothing stuck because I did not commit enough time to practice, and all those classic excuses. 

When I go to our mountain cabin in North Fork, California (near Yosemite National Park) I meet a lot of people who play music, and the ukelele caught my eye.  
The first time I really appreciated how beautiful the ukulele can sound is when we met Jake Shimabukuro, a famous ukulele virtuoso and composer, through our friend about 6 years ago. 
 With Jake Shimabukuro photo-180
with Jake Shimabukuro in 2012
The ukelele sounds so soothing and transports me to Hawaii.  
I used to think the ukulele was just Hawaiian music played by people in Hawaii. 
I found out it knows no borders.
I went to the French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp last year for the first time, where I met many people who play music.  I knew it was a sign for me to at least try something. 
This year was the year I will be transformed by music (the last year was transformed by miracle 11miles hikes (check my blog from ).

I know I am not going to play like Jake, but I really wanted to try so here is my first Ukelele lesson with Jason Taiyo King who was at the French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp.
My Ukulele friend/teacher: Jason Taiyo King
Ukelele with Jason L1080547
My first ukulele lesson by Jason: 1

Ukelele with Jason L1080545
My first ukulele lesson by Jason: 2
Ukelele with Jason L1080546
My first ukulele lesson by Jason: 3
After I came back from the camp I told my husband Eric about it, and he told me to look for an ukulele asap so I would not lose the momentum. Here is my own first Ukelele. I can't believe it!

My own Ukulele Ohana SK-22Z

I am practicing 5~10 minutes every day. 
I can bring it almost everywhere since it is a small enough. I have a long way to go, but at least I am having fun, and I may even be good enough to play something next year at French Meadows Camp.

If anybody wants to learn ukulele with me, let me know.
I will create a ukulele Meetup in Venice beach Seed Kitchen, so let's play together!!

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