Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chef Eric Lechasseur's Healing Vegan Macrobiotic Soup!

2013 has been 12 years since I had injured my legs from the fatal car accident. I was diagnosed and not able to walk again.  
It is 5 soil element year in 9 Star Ki calendar (if you want to learn about 9 Star Ki calendar check Alex Jack's site http://www.9starki.com/). I was born in 9 fire element year so I am on the fire position this year. Wow, I have never been so active and traveling also since the car accident.

I have offered 42 all together between cooking classes, meditations, knitting clubs and Seed Kitchen's events by the end of July.
Traveling and attending my wonderful friend, Barbara's celebration for her life in the Bay area in June, teaching at French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp in Tahoe Forrest in July, and visiting my long time friend, Mayumi Nishimura who I did not see for almost 5 years in Ionia macrobiotic community in Alaska. 

I felt very exhausted by the time I came back from Alaska and I had no choice, but taking a rest.
My condition was very weak and tight. 
Felt no motivation and strength to do anything. 
This is not me.
What happened to me???

I have used all my knowledge and counseled my teachers, but I was not able to eat anything. I was not able to eat even brown rice cream. 
I had pain in my stomach, intestines and kidneys when I tried to eat anything.

So I tried below...
Remedy drinks: kuzu cream, umeboshi extract drink, apple cider hot drink, home-made water melon syrup drink. 

External remedies: ginger compress (on stomach, intestines and kidneys), massage on especially on foot, hands, neck and back, sea salt hot bath, hot water bottle on kidneys, ginger hot foot bath, body scrub.

Nothing made me feel a good taste except drinking home-made water melon syrup drink after not eating anything for three days, but I really wanted to have something savory and sooth me as a food by 6th day so finally I have asked my husband, Eric (chef Eric Lechasseur) what he can make for me. He made quickly his vegetable puree soup with onion, corn, celery, kabocha, kombu dashi broth seasoning with mellow barley miso and garnish with Kazuko's 10 years organic California umeboshi plum that we have.


It was heaven after a whole week of not able to eat much.
I can’t thank Eric enough to save me once again.
I feel revived and have a little strength today to get motivated to write about it.

I am continuing to take it easy for the next few days here and there before I start teaching again later this month. I am very grateful for this lesson to take time to rest, appreciate pure love healing soup of Eric to keep my life simple and rejoice it. 
with gratitude and love,

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