Thursday, September 5, 2013

Croshet Summer Hats with Washi (Japanese paper)

Teaching cooking classes and out door activities are fun and expressive and more outward energy so to find balance I re-started to knit, crochet and weave a few years ago.

Sitting and knitting, crocheting or weaving give me a calming and a meditative energy.
Find myself a quiet mind and a equanimity inside of me.

This summer I crocheted first time Summer Hat with Washi* (Japanese paper).
*Washi (和紙?) is a style of paper that was first made in Japan. Washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia chrysantha), or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Washi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.


I never made summer hat nor use Washi paper for knitting/crochet/weave so I was exciting to start.
It was much easier to use than I thought and very comfortable to work with it.
I am very happy with all three of them came out so good.
I ware the white one when I went to Alaska this summer.
It is very easy to pack and light for traveling too.

The yarn I used is call "Leafy" from Poppy Knitting Yarn Company from Japan.

They come many different colors so I did not know which one to choose first..., but I think they are all nice colors.

Pattern that I used is a basic hat making pattern and I just change whatever I thought it works for me.

Sanae Summer Grey Hat L1090096






Which one do you like?
Let me know...

Happy hand making!

Love, Sanae

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