Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Handmade Traditional Style Pickles Making Workshop

Are you adequately pampering your stomach & intestines with good bacteria?
Eating Good Bacteria Food is so important for us.
Learn the benefits of fermentation in the foods we consume for a healthy digestive system. 
Getting ready for making pickles cooking class this weekend on Aug. 31, 2013 at studio mugen in Santa Monica 
This is a special workshop to learn how to make traditional style handmade Pickles making. Which has natural good bacteria/probiotic of all  the benefits of fermentation.

1. Learn why Pickles/fermented foods are good for us.
2. Learn how to make traditional handmade pickles
1) Brown Rice Bran (nuka) pickles making
2) Tamari pickles making
3) Miso pickle making
I am going to show you how to make pickles with  cucumbers, red radishes and daikon radishes this time.

Left to right: miso pickling, brown rice (nuka) pickling and tamari pickling 

I will also share my aged pickles that I made for you to taste.
Aged pickles: left to right: over one year aged brown rice (nuka) daikon pickle, 3 moths aged tamari pickle carrot and one month aged miso pickle cucumber

Come and try out power of pickling!
If you can't come to the class all the recipes are in my cookbook "Love, Sanae" 
Love, Sanae front cover small
To purchase Love, Sanae 

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