Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Macrobiotic Support Meeting & Barefoot Beach Walk

 The Macrobiotic Support Group met Wednesday evening, September 18.

However, for the first time, before the meeting started several people went for a barefoot walk on the beach just as the sun was setting.  The air was temperate, the water warm, the surfers searched for waves and the birds ran to an fro as the surf ebbed and flowed. 

Then, we settled in at Seed Kitchen, enjoyed macrobiotic and vegan food.

The discussion centered on fear and different people shared examples of how an incident or incidents in life created an ongoing fear or hesitancy in dealing with life and life issues.

Discussion explored how a variety of incidents in life affected the soul and then sort of remained as an experience that colored subsequent decisions and behaviors.

Various people shared on how their growth through study and exploration of spiritual and life understanding brought about tools that helped to restore healthier life responses.

Overall, it was determined that macrobiotics is not only about eating healthy and being physically fit, but also having a healthy soul and spirit which can express its joy and vitality every day.

Macrobiotic support group attendees.

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