Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazing French Meadows Macrobiotic Camp Part 2.

When I go to a new location and meet new people I get shy…yes, even I!  

French Meadows camp was no exception, but gradually I was able to open myself up and meet so many wonderful people who made me feel good about being there.

I had trouble sleeping first night because I felt so cold that night so I did not know what to do, but it got hot during the day and after the second night it go much better even it was still cold at night. During the hot days I went swimming everyday in the creek. It did not even bother me that there was no water to shower with afterwards.  
I used my macrobiotic sea vegetables and grains skincare products to wash my face and body/feet everyday.  The products are truly kind to the body and to the earth. 

I took Simon’s Do-in class and Bhumi’s Yoga classin the morning, Jessica's powerful and fun class and helped Jessica’s cooking class.

Jessica's class
I saw "Chapati and Pizza making workshop" in the camp class schedule and felt I must take this class!
I did not grow up with bread making or any baking simply  because most  Japanese traditional houses do not have an oven in the kitchen.
As this year’s new transformation I have made my own sourdough bread from fermenting fruit at home. It came out so good that I wanted learn more.

The instructor, Chuck Lowery, is "the real deal" man who knows how to make good bread: he was former President & CEO of Pacific Bakery Inc 1988 ~ 2009.

I remember when I used to work at Erewhon Natural Foods Market as Macrobiotic Consultant from 1995 to 2001, I recommended his bread to so many people, and here at the Camp I  met the person who created it. 

Here are the photos from Chuck's class.


Getting out Sourdough Starter. 


Good hands and good kneading! 


Lovable Karen & Elle!


Master chef hat, Cynthia!


I had so much fun and was making chapati with Surikogi! 


Chapati for everybody's dinner!!!


Handsome Chuck and Cute Elle proud to show Pizza dough.


Pan Fried Pizza Dough...I can even make it.


Everybody is ready to eat... 


Adding Tahini sauce and ready to serve yeah!

I thank Chuck for sharing his knowledge and love for good cooking.

Look forward to try making Sourdough Stater what I learned from Chuck and I hope I can make it as good as he showed us. 

To be continue to 

Amazing French Meadows Macrobiotic Camp Part 3...

 Love, Sanae

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