Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amazing French Meadows Macrobiotic Camp Part 1.

This is truly the year of transformation for me.
I had the opportunity to go to French Meadows Macrobiotic Camp for the first time!
This camp has been going on for 43 years…can you believe it?
Beautiful Mountain Scenery of the Camp

French Meadows Macrobiotic Camp was one of the events I have always wanted to attend, but I used to go to the Kushi Macrobiotic Summer Conference in the East Cost to cook or teach and their dates were too close to each other. Also since we opened Seed Kitchen restaurant in Venice, California four years ago and opened another restaurant in West LA we had no life to do anything, but working, but I kept wishing that I would go to the camp someday!
The day my wish came true!
Since our second restaurant in West LA was unexpectedly closed we were sad, but we realized that we got more time to do things we wanted to do. I chose my time to go the camp. Carl and Julia were so kind to invited me even though it was almost a last minute decision and found out that my favorite macrobiotic friend, Jessica Porter was going also and I could ride with her. When a wish comes true everything works!
Carl and Julia

I was so excited to go and decided to teach something different than what I have been teaching. I have been making my own Vegan Macrobiotic Skincare products for us and friends with the ingredients that I use to cook for vegan macrobiotic food and I felt it is time for me to share. What a transformation!

Vegan Macrobiotic Skincare/Homemade Organic Skincare Class Detail
Our skin is one of our largest organs.
It takes so much abuse as we are exposed to everything from the outside world: smog, exhaust gas, dust, smoke, eating unhealthy foods and all kinds of commercial skincare products that we use daily without thinking about what they may contain.
Introducing how to make wonderful skincare products using macrobiotic ingredients we cook with everyday in our kitchens.
I showed how to make a remedy drink that helps our skin clear up and make it smooth.
Explained Liver, Large Intestine, Kidney and Lungs are most effective to skin.
There were no green leafy vegetables available to make the remedy drink so I showed how to make Green Cabbage with Daikon Radish Drink. It came out such a good taste and I think many people loved it.

Me teaching Macrobiotic Skincare Class

I also show how to make: 
Surf and Turf (Kelp & Brown Rice) Skin Scrub, Three Grains Cleanser, Hummus Mask and Cucumber & Lavender Toner. 
There was no electric so I made everything with a Suribachi and ceramic grater. I gave everybody to try them on their faces, hands, arms and more ..It was so much fun!!! 
Surf & Turf Skin Scrub (Kelp & Brown Rice)
¼ cup powder kelp
¼ cup powder brown rice
sun light
Wash brown rice gently 2~3 time with filtered water and dry them under sun or filtered sun till completely dry. Make them powdered.
Use kelp powder or make your own kelp to powdered.
Mix the powdered kelp and the powdered brown rice well together.
Transfer to a clean container.
To use, combine 1~2 teaspoons of mixture with equal amount of water to create paste. Mix of your hand and massage this paste gently into damp skin.   
Rinse well with warm water, then pat your skin.
This Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells out and tighten pores.
Surf & Turf Skin Scrub Close up

Some other recipes of my skincare will be on our newsletter next month so if any of you are interested to receive it, please email us.
Also I will start sell this products at Seed Kitchen, Venice California from September!!!
I would not know the price and all the details yet, but stay tune on my Facebook.  

With Keiko who helped my class 

To be continue to Amazing French Meadows Macrobiotic Camp Part 2.


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Christine Oppenheim said...

What a wonderful recap. You look so beautiful, happy and glowing in that photo! Must be a combo of the skin care products, fresh air and much deserved rest & relaxation.