Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eric was born with the golden hands

Hi all,hope everybody's doing great...I am!
Got a looot of sleep last night,it hasn't happen in a looong time!

Anyway, saturday Eric and Sanae had an opening "taste"for friends at the kitchen in Venice Beach, "SEED"...."TASTE"??!!IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE FEAST!!

Oh my God...I already knew it, but after that I'm sure..I'll be their best client!!!

As soon as I got in I was delighted with the place: I loved the transparent curtains that resemble the colors of the logo, green and natural brown.
Workers there are very kind and energetic, ready to start!
The tables are wooden, and they give the place a nice natural look.

I couldn't resist on startin'off with the choc chip and almond cookies with hot barley tea (I was riding my bicicle from work and it started raining, I was wet, hungry and anxious to eat Eric's delicatessen!).

So...Sanae, Mako and Peter sat with me at the table (which I was glad to get to know better), and Kristie started to bring those God sent foods from the kitchen: they were bringing plates full of food which we got to taste a few times each: from Salads, kale salads, mango dips, bowls of rice, tempeh, seitan, veggies and chinese rolls, not to mention the burgers on delicious grilled buns and the last but not least, YAMS FRENCH FRIES!!! And served with organic sugar free ketchup!! I haven't had french fries in I don't know how long...and also guilt-free!!
Oh,, guys, if U'll have the chance to visit SEED U all HAVE TO TRY THE YAM FRENCH FRIES!
Of course, at the end, we got desserts...more and more cookies, Madonna's Coconut and choc Mousses, garnished with sweet sesame sticks, and the best of the best, the CUPCAKES!!! Nothing to envy to the sugary-buttery- oily-processed nasty ones that all of us tried at times,when we didn';t know any better!!
I easily could have only eat the icing...GREEN TEA ICING on a choc cupcake!!!I was in heaven!!
I have to say...Eric was born with the golden hands for food (Italian expression, U know what I mean), and class shows in his food.
No wonder why lots of VIPs beg him to cook for them.
I admire him, he said no to everyone to take the risk to open his new place, and I can only wish him the best of luck, he's a talented hard worker, and so he truly deserve to be successfull....plus, he makes our tummy happy!!
So, I invite everyone to stop by and check the food out...guarantee, U won't be disappointed.
Talk to U all next week!!ciao

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