Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lunch at Seed!

Great lunch today at SEED! I got off work at 12pm, ride my bicicle and stopped at Whole Foods for some shopping (the new one in Venice, it's huge, I love it), and literally rush to get my lunch at SEED...BOY!I ordered the saisai donburi (don't ask me what it means) macro bowl, and it's just like I'd make my lunch at home: only just about a million times better...I like when I go out and I don't have to order something too different from what I eat...anyway...this bowl from heaven comes with kabocha, kale ,shiitake, arame seaweed, beans of the day (today was pinto), sauerkraut and a yummi balsamic-miso sauce (which I almost drunk), served on a bed of brown rice.The place was packed!!!Word of mouth already started to spread!
I was totally satisfied, but what I was more happy about was that I got there, and I got to hang out with people I mostly know: Kristy was there (she actually works there...btw, if U R reading...HI KRISTIE!!:-)), and Sanae, and also a few people I met at the opening last week.
It's not just a great place to eat, but it's a nice and comfy place to just hang out.
I found out there will be every tuesday night at 7pm the Macrobiotic Community Evening.I hope I'll be able to go, I'm not sure with my work schedule.
It's important for me to keep contact with my macro friends, since we understand each other so well...when "normies"friends'o mine call me to go out on saturday night, and I tell them "sorry...I have to do my ginger compress tonight.."...they are about to call the psychiatry hospital...yes,I know it's hard to understand, I actually was the same way, before getting on this road...but U know what?!So far Macrobiotics have been helping me more than every doctor (omeopathic and conventional) out I owe Macrobiotics a big deal, and , since it requires discipline and a good chunk of your life, I have a lot of respect for whoever practice RULES!!
See U next,and please,leave your feedbacks!!ciao

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Anonymous said...

i checked out seed for the first time on sunday. it was AMAZING. i can't wait to go back!

in a world full of unhealthy, icky food, thanks for providing such healthy, cruelty-free and delicious alternatives!

consider me a huge fan of your restaurant!!!!