Tuesday, October 28, 2008

with Kula and Oro

hello!!Everybody left today!It's just me,Kula & Oro!!So much silence around here,nothing like where I live!!Here I only hear birds!Where I live I only hear cars and people screaming!
Anyway...sorry I missed U all last week, I was actually at a macro retreat helded by Lino and Jane Stanchich in North Carolina,absolutely awesome.
Wanna hear something funny??
Today I cook lunch,like almost every time I come here.Sanae always tells me my food is overcook,there fore too yang and tight...well,guess what...my food was more yin today,lighter!!
So,it's true that your mood or emotional state affects the food U R cooking at that time!
Interesting...I actually always burn the food 'cause I leave it on the stove while I go check my emails or wash dishes!!I really didn't believe this,but I have to say....it must be true,'cause since I got back from the retreat (sunday)I feel sooooo relax!!I should do it more often,and actually, I can't wait to go to Northfolk at Eric and Sanae's cabin.I saw the pictures and feel in love with the place...next year,sometime!
Have a good one and stay out of trouble!!ciao#Love,A

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