Friday, October 10, 2008


Hello everyone!

Sanae and Eric both have a dream of opening their own restaurant, and that dream is now becoming a reality!

Their restaurant "Seed" is opening soon. It is an Organic Vegan Macrobiotic Kitchen, located at 1604 Pacific Avenue, in Venice, California. The zip code is 90291. The phone number is 310-396-1604. The website is
The restaurant will be open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.

Seed has been advertised in the "Japan Up!" magazine, which contains Japanese cuisine and trends. See page 35 of the October 2008 edition. The magazine is free.

The restaurant is already gaining a lot of publicity, and there is much progress being made on all fronts! Here's what Eric said about the restaurant: "At seed we believe that food is an essential source of our energy, health and happiness. We prepare vegan, macrobiotic cuisine with no animal products, dairy, eggs, or refined sugars. We use locally grown organic produce whenever possible. In the same way that a seed provides the beginnings for a vibrant plant, the food we eat provides the beginnings for a vibrant, flourishing life."

Seed is located right near the beach. The location is great, and will without a doubt attract many different people. I can't wait until it opens!

In addition to working on the restaurant, Sanae has been writing her new vegan macrobiotic healing cookbook called "Love, Sanae." It's very inspiring to see how far Sanae has come on her journey. She is a role model for the entire community. Her and Eric are finally realizing their goals, and it's very powerful to see this happening.

I am honored to be volunteering here at Studio Mugen. It's so nice to see the progress being made. Eric and Sanae are a pleasure to work with. They're both working very hard to change the world of food both for themselves and the world.

Till next time...don't forget your miso soup tomorrow morning!

Happy eating,


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