Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Annalisa de head chef

Ciao, another wonderful day in Santa Monica...just got here and try to talk to Louise in french, for the very little I know...now Eric and Loise are here, and they are sanding the dining table outside.
It's really a wonderful sunny day, and evry day I thank God for taking me over here in Southern California...I'm looking forward today top take Kula and Oro out for our weekly walk.

Sooo...I guess I'll be the head chef today!!!
I'm actually a little embarassed to cook for such a cook like Eric!!
And Louise too, he said she's a great cook...and of course, Sanae, my macro teacher...wow, I have to be good today!!
We are 4 of us today, Junko will still be in Japan for the next 2 weeks.

I'll use some leftovers, some buckwheat, I'll try to make it pretty, and some red lentils.
I'll also make some greens and maybe I'll cut some pickles too.
Guess that's all for today.
Blessing to everyone,
talk to U all next week!

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