Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From Annalisa

Hey everyone, it's Annalisa.
I haven't write in a while, last week nobody was here, so I didn't come.
I miss it thou...this is part of my regular routine.
Today there are a lot of people, and it makes me feel good, because I'm usually alone, I live alone and I cannot keep any pets...unless I get a note from a doctor stating that "I need it" for emotional support....does somebody have to be messed up to be able to adopt a pet??! Isn't this ridicolous??
Anyway...a Sanae's friend is here, visiting from Japan, ans Eric is here too, and his Mom, Louise, is visiting from Canada.
I wish I could speak French, she 's now alone in the garden, and not speaking any English might make Her feel isolated...I only know 1-2 words, so I cannot really communicate with her.
I'm sure She's enjoying herself anyway, even just for the great weather!! Beside, I know how hard it is to be away from family, all my relatives and close Friends are back in Italy...anyway, before I start crying (I miss'em so much!!), I 'm gonna take off, wishing everyone a great week, now I'll go walk with Kula, Oro and Ita who's here visiting us again.
Blessings, ciao #Annalisa

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