Tuesday, September 2, 2008

From Annalisa

Hello, Annalisa here again!!
How's everybody going?
I wanted to thank everyone who come visit our website,we are having a lot of people checkin'it out,and please, please, please,take just one minute to leave us a comment,even just to say hello! We'd love to hear how we can improve this blog.
Anyway...a very sad news is that one of the dogs, Dore ("gold"in french) is been hitten by a car about 2 weeks ago, and passed away...I was so sad when I got the news by email from Junko (Junko is the one in the picture making ice cream,vegan,of course)...Her sister Kula is very sad, and it's incredible to notice how animals have a soul and feelings....U know, since a few years ago (at least in Italy) dogs and pets in general wheren't allowed to enter churches...if it was for me it would be the reverse, considering how certain humans (if U can call them so) treat their pets...they are the beast...anyway...don't wanna go on and on on this, don't get me started!!!
So...a few yaesr ago in Italy finally the law passed where dogs could enter churches, and also, Victor Hugo said that "try to look a dog in the eyes and say doesn 't have a soul...try to look at Kula's eyes to tell she doesn't realize her sister's gone....it's just unbelievable. Dogs are so capable of loving under no conditions,and this is the way human was inetended to be...I guess before the civilization, who destroyed pretty much all human's essence.

Anyway...Dore will be always with us, in all our heart. It makes me even more sad knowing that I just took her for a walk a few days before and she was as happy as ever...Kin is also not doing good...but I don't wanna say more, because she needs positive energy around,and not even a bit of negativity...So...please,say a prayer for them.

Also, the picture I posted are from the potluck we had last wesneday. Jessica Porter just moved here in one of Sanae's guesthouse, and she was there too.
Everyone's welcome to our potluck...good people, good food, good energy, good everything.
WE had a delicious soup by Jessica (millet, squash,onions cabbage), and Sanae made the nuka pickles boiled veggies with a sesame-miso dressing (just the dressing tself...I could have ate it with the spoon!), I made a quinoa salad, Sonia made superb cabbage rolls, and Junko made a tofu ice cream using an ice cream maker. It was a fun night, hearing all the stories everyone shares.
We should do it more often.
That's all for today. Ciao!Annalisa

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jessie said...

hi Annalisa,
I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past couple of months. My husband, Kevin, and I have been practicing macrobiotics for the past 4 years after attending the "Way to Health" course at the Kushi Institute. We live in McCall, Idaho. There isn't much of a macrobiotic community here, but we hope to develop one someday! I would love to be able to do a volunteer experience such as you are doing, I'm sure you are learning a great deal from Eric and Sanae. We have two of their cookbooks...wonderful recipes!
take care.

-Jessie Raymond