Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thanks to Sanae!

hello everyone,
it's Annalisa again. Today is sunday, nice warm day in Santa Monica.
I couldn't go to studio cause I was sick after being at French Meadow Summer Camp . I think I got a little cold from the freezing nights!
I was very happy overall, great experience, great people, and great food!! I highly recommend to everyone interested in connecting with a macrobiotic lifestyle.
Anyway, today I want to just drop a line on this: I remember Sanae told me some time ago that , since I'm Italian, I can experiment trying some dishes with pasta, since I grew up with lots of it, and I can tell it's all over my I wanted to try to make something different beside brown rice etc.., so I thought of how to make some pasta dish without tomatoes (I better stay away from them for a while since my digestion system is still healing).
So I did,and it turned out great.Today I felt like a macrobiotic italian!! But still having my miso's my simple pasta dish: organic black soybeans spaghetti with broccoli rabe and onions, . My Grandma was from the south,and She used to make the best pasta with broccoli rabe ever..mine is not even close...but it's on its way to improvement!!When I'll go to Italy in december I'll ask my aunt how Grandma used to do it...
Thanks to Sanae that reminded me where I am from.

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