Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guests from Mexico are coming

Ok, today there's a great energy in here, Sanae just told me she's going to have 2 guests from Mexico, and we're all goin'to have lunch together (I'll get to help for lunch, God, help!! :-))...
I didn't know this, but Sanae is making available the whole macrobiotic experience at her place to whoever wants to do it...2 types of experiences: one where the person just comes here, relax, eat macrobiotic meals, and just get to live a macrobiotic lifestyle for a few days...another one, the person comes here and she/he can request to take classes from Sanae, lectures, and also got nice shiatzu massages, along with helping in the kitchen to learn...in other words, HOW TO LIVE MACROBIOTICALLY in the big city...Sanae is very good at makin' this possible, I mean, she recovered herself from a terminal disease, and she endorses a healing style, but flexible at the same time...R U askin'yourself HOW?! Well...come here and look with your own eyes....again, I said this many time, but I have 2 say I'm so grateful I get to spend here some time to learn all this, every week.
A note:
I was reading a Denny Waxman's book the other day, and I found this concept outlined in the following example: macrobiotic is to be align with nature...nature is balancing and flexible at the same time...balancing cuse is predictable: we all know when the sun will rise, when the sun will sunset (not the right English, but I don't know the word for it , sorry :-)), and the same fo the moon, we also know what way they'll both go in the sky, every day....also, at the same time, we don't know when nature will make rain, sun, cloudy, etc...so...2 different concepts, opposite actually, in the same contest...isn't it the yin and yang factor???!
I love when all this pieces of the puzzle start to come together and I can see the whole picture...It makes me wanna go deeper and deeper in me learning about all this...I love it!! I love when all makes sense...
Anyway...that's what I'm basuically learning here the most. I read lots of books and artiocles about how things "should be", and Sanae is teachin'me that there no such things like "should" and "shouldn't" in macrobiotic...it's hard to grasp this concept, since we always hear about "no this, no that....no meat, no dairies, etc..."...but at the end, it all makes sense....another great teaching is: start thinkin'about WHAT YOU CAN ADD TO YOUR DIET AND LIFESTYLE,rather than what You need to avoid...it's kinda like seeing the glass half empty toward half full....

Anyway...back to our guests...I'm lookin'forward to meet'em...I'm sure they can talk Spanish, and I can talk Italian, and we both can communicate very well....ok,that's all for now.
I'm going to start bringing my camera so I can take some pics and show what's like in here...for now, I wish everybody a beautiful day!!ciaoooooooo

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