Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a thought...

Whenever I mention the word Macrobiotics to someone, I usually get a perplexed look until I explain what it is, and even after I explain it, most people give me a strange look and think it's odd in some way. In the western world, it's easy to brush off foreign approaches to diet. We live in a fast-paced society where many people neglect the importance of diet and exercise. Most people I've encountered since my involvement in Macrobiotics don't know what it is, but some have heard of it. They might have some misconceptions of what it entails. For instance, some people think that a Macrobiotic diet consists only of rice and seaweed, while others think that it's limited in other ways. The point is that many people think that, with a Macrobiotic diet, one is not allowed to eat most foods. This is simply not true. The diet is very diverse and consists of many foods. Of course, what a person can eat or not eat depends on his or her condition (if any), allergic reactions (if any), personal preference, and other factors. Personally, I love the food; It's absolutely delicious! And I feel better after eating it. It also improves my brain power, emotional states, and many other facets of my life. I intend on maintaining my Macrobiotic diet from now to posterity. Till next time... !


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