Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Healing Your Soul of Heart with Bach Flower Remedy

Healing Your Soul of Heart with Bach Flower Remedy  Workshop at Seed Kitchen
One of my important healing practices has been healing for my mind - heart, soul and spirit. Practicing macrobiotics has been a phenomena experience, but the same time I need more than focusing much to what I eat and how I eat and physical matters. I was first introduced to Rescue Remedies of Dr. Bach’s Bach Flower Remedies in 1993 after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer from an acupuncture doctor. I did not know anything about Dr. Bach or Flower Remedies at that time. When the acupuncture doctor recommended for me to take Rescue Remedies every day whenever I felt stressed, I did not know that I was under the strenuous effects of stress at that time, but now I think back and realize that the anxiety and stress of finding out that I had ovarian cancer was perhaps more deadly than the disease.  I started to seek a path of self-healing in a holistic way. A few days after I started to take Rescue Remedies I noticed that I was able to drive more calmly even in the heaviest of traffic. I came home from my work feeling more peaceful and was able to sleep better. 
I thought to myself, could this little bottle of drops be helping? I wanted to know what was inside the bottle, so I went back to the natural food store where I bought Rescue Remedies.  I bought my first Bach Flower Remedies book “Bach Flower Essences for the Family.” It was so fascinating for me to find out for the first time how flowers’ healing powers help our emotions and mental issues. I could not stop reading it and I felt like trying all the remedies!  I made the decision to study Bach Flower Remedies some day when I recover from ovarian cancer in 1999. In 2001 I became a practitioner.
It has been one of my goals to teach Bach Flower Remedy and I was able to teach at Macrobiotics French Meadow Camp this summer. I added the remedy as a part of cooking class remedy class and I called Bach Flower Remedy as
Remedy Making class at Macrobiotics French Meadow Camp
Last week, I introduced Healing Your  Soul of Heart with Bach Flower Remedy Workshop at Seed Kitchen for Japanese people. I feel it is very challenging for us to connect our soul of hearts and recognized emotional issues especially for Japanese people. It has been my goal to teach for Japanese people to heal their soul of heart so this workshop was very important project. I am happy that we had 9 people come and some people opened up and shared their challenges and made efforts to connect to their emotional department.
Sanae Suzuki at Healing Your Soul of Heart with Bach Flower Remedy Workshop

Students asking questions at Healing Your Soul of Heart with Bach Flower Remedy
Making and tasting remedy
Bach Flower Remedy with Rescue Remedy and Mixing Bottle

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