Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon and 10th Anniversary!

Eating more balanced organic quality vegan macrobiotic food I started to pay attention to not only my body (physical), also my feelings (emotions) carefully. I noticed so many things around affect me and I am aware of how nature is ruling the global. Nature is making a balance by yin and yang of universal order. 

dynamic clouds over the ocean

I know noting about Mercury Retrograde, moon cycle and season affect our body and emotions before. After I learned macrobiotics way of eating and living I started understanding everything is connected. A full moon and new moon have a different energy and different affect on us and season’s changing is very important to balance us.  

beautiful green sea vegetable on the sand

When I found out about Mercury Retrograde a long time ago I was going through very difficult time for me to accept how I was feeling. I was grateful to find out about how Mercury Retrograde affect on us. Now I believe that Mercury Retrograde comes as one of universal order to balance us out three times year (sometime four times year). I only know a little of astrology so Mercury Retrograde means to me Mercury is moving backward not forward. During Mercury Retrograde I usually feel stacked and even feeling exact the word - going back word if I stressed out and push too hard during this period. Another word I go through a dark spot and I feel extra sensitive. Sometimes everything and everybody irritate me. I feel very lonely. 

In the past, my computer acted up – I had experiences of crashing my Apple computer twice during Mercury Retrograde period. Things were missing and could not find them. I usually checked the date of Mercury Retrograde to be aware of challenges are coming, but this month I was pre-occupied over my left arm and shoulder which have been giving me a trouble and had pain and limited mobility. I already have pain and limited mobility on my legs and feet from the car accident I had in 13 years ago so having more pain and limited ability was over the limit – after three months of arm and shoulder problem I lost my patient completely. I became very unhappy person. I was also trying to organize our 10th year anniversary and teaching at La Casa De Maria for Health Classics Macrobiotic Conference. When Mercury Retrograde hit on June 6th and full moon came June 13th, also the lowest and highest tide… I felt everything sink in and hit me to the bottom after I watched a movie that I should have not watched. I had a nightmare and the PTSD condition came back. I was not able to talk and just cried for many times for a long time. I started to hate myself and do the things I did not want to do – like being super bitch to my husband and even to my 4 legs family. Of course my husband was getting effect by Mercury Retrograde so he was a super grouchy too. We thought we never make to our 10 year anniversary, but I found out it was Mercury Retrograde nick of time and this Mercury Retrograde time somebody wrote that we do the things we don’t even want to do and this made all sense to me. It was not we hate each other - it was Mercury Retrograde (this time till July 2), but we talked about our 10 years of ups and down (yin and yang life) and how grateful for us to be here together still after we met 23 years ago. 
--> Our 10th anniversary at Health Classics Conference

10th anniversary cake by Tiziana

We shared many things together to celebrate this10th last week: meditation, playing an ukulele, the beach with our dogs –there I showed my love as swimming in the ocean by myself (usually I am afraid to go the ocean because of my limitation on leg mobility), teaching a cooking class and exchange the gifts. It has been so much shifting and transformation for me.

cooking class at Health Classics in Santa Barbara

 We also enjoyed summer solstice evening with many friends of the Health Classics conference who made this celebration possible, Health Classic organizer, Larry Cooper, Chef Mark Hanna and ChefTiziana Slipo Tamborra who made our 10th anniversary cake. I am sending my love to all of people who support us. 
with Tiziana and Larry

Keith, Pamela, Micheal, Tiziana, Heidi, Mark, Dara and Cynthia and more

I want to thank my husband, Eric Lechasseur for being with me for the happy and batches time, healthy and painful time, full moon and new moon time and Mercury retrograde time!

10th anniversary gift: Tie pin and the money clip with diamonds with the engraved box from me to Eric

10th anniversary gift: Tin and Diamond pendant from Eric


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