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Macrobiotic Medicinal Remedy Drink Class for Thyroid Problems

Hi everyone, 
My name is Sanae Suzuki. 
I am a whole health macrobiotic nutrition counselor for people and pets.
I have been teaching macrobiotics cooking and lifestyle for almost 20 years after I healed myself from ovarian cancer by practicing and live macrobiotics. You can see all the classes info. and what I offered 193 classes/events last 5 years at Meetup  I am so thankful to my health, my macrobiotics practice and all of you!

At Macrobiotic Healing for Women's class

It was one of my dreams to teach for healing class for women for a long time and this year I was able to start it at Seed Kitchen this year almost every month. 
It has been a really great opportunity to practice and teaching this class. 
The last month I was planing to teach class for Thyroid problems and many people who could not come to the class have requested me to post this on my blog so here is one for everyone. I hope this help many people and I hope to practice and teach my macrobiotics many more years.

These are the things I shared in the class:

When I read an article that it's estimated that as many as 59 million Americans have a thyroid problem. I questioned myself “Do most of us know about it?”. I had time to time people who have had a thyroid cancer and a problem came for macrobiotic counseling to me. The macrobiotic approach of diet and life style definitely helped and healed them when they followed directions. I, myself had to followed the direction to help heal my two dogs who had thyroid problems. 
Some of you might wonder that a dog and a human have the same problems and results? Yes, I have seen so many symptoms with human also over dogs. I have researched more when I needed to help my two dogs from their thyroid problems and applied to them and sure worked so much and they are both doing good. They are not taking any western meditation anymore. You can also get benefit from macrobiotic approach for thyroid problems.

The first, you need to know your thyroid grand. It is an important organ just like heart and stomach and others, but the majority of us don't know it yet. It is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck a small gland found at the base of your neck just above your collarbone, just below your Adam's apple. I think it should move like butterfly and be flexible so the thyroid hormones control your body activities and metablism like your body temperature and how fast you burn calories and how fast your heart beats.

1. The example signs of Thyroid problems
Since undiagnosed thyroid problems can dramatically increase your risk of obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, infertility and a host of other symptoms and health problems, it's important that you don't go undiagnosed.
You don't need to have all of these symptoms in order to have a thyroid problem, but here are some of the most common signs that you may have a thyroid condition: 

1) Fatigue.
2) Weight Changes.
3) Depression and Anxiety.
4) Cholesterol Issues
5) Bowel Problems.
6) Menstrual Irregularities and Fertility Problems.
7) Hair/Skin Changes.
8) Neck Discomfort/Enlargement.
9) Muscle and Joint Pains, Carpal Tunnel/Tendonitis Problems

3. Two major problems of Thyroid:

4 Macrobiotic Medicinal Remedy Drink for Thyroid:
The modern diet of meat and other processed foods can cause the thyroid to malfunction.
Modern diets low in iodine and other trace of minerals found in whole grains, vegetables from land and sea, and other fresh foods are primary cause. Doctors can give a western medication but it doesn’t address the source of the problem.

This drink is can help to detox your body’s condition and support for hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism both.

1/4 cup each vegetables of carrot, burdock, daikon, lotus root
1 cup daikon greens or other hard leafy greens
1/4 cup komubu, soaked chopped small
4 cups water

1. Finely chop all the vegetables and soaked kombu.
2. Put all the ingredients and add water to bring a boil in a covered pot.
3. Lower the flame, and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.
4. Add a pinch of sea salt or 3~4 drops of tamari or ¼ umeboshi plum at the end of cooking.
5. Drink and eat 1 cup while it is warm/hot.
6. You can drink and eat everyday, 1 cup, for 10~14 days. Then every other day for an equal period.

If you have concern it is important to have a macrobiotic counseling for more advise. 

Ingredients of vegetables before prepping the medicinal remedy drink for thyroid

All the ingredients ready to make the medicinal remedy drink for thyroid

Simmering the medicinal remedy drink for thyroid

The medicinal remedy drink for thyroid

5. Macrobiotic food and life style recommendations for Thyroid problems

1) Example of what to eat more 
·  Vitamin A rich foods (carrot. butternut squash, dark leafy greens, sweet potato, dried apricots etc.)   
·  Omega-3 Fats (sea vegetables, fax Seeds, chia Seeds, hemp seeds, mung beans, winter squash, leafy greens, berries, etc.)
·  Miso/ Miso soup *
·  Soy sauce/ Natto fermented soy beans products *
·  Umeboshi plums *
·  Sea vegetables/Iodine* (including kombu, kelp, dulse, nori, wakame, arame etc.)
The best to getting from the sea vegetables directly, but if you are not used them you can take
       sea vegetables/seaweed tablet as a supplement till you get used to eat them.
       *too much iodine can actually trigger thyroid problems and worsen symptoms, so it’s   
        important to have a healthy balance.
·  Saltwater fish (2~4 oz 1~3 weeks only with grated daikon and lemon juice if you want to eat fish)

*** To find good recipes for Miso, Natto fermented soy beans and umeboshi plums you can check vegan macrobiotic healing cookbook "Love, Sanae"

2) Example of what to avoid:

·  Any meat and dairy food.
·  Refined processed food. 
·  Cauliflower (Any vegetable that falls into the broccoli family is a goitrogen and shouldn’t be eaten more than twice a week if you have hypothyroidism and raw if you have hyperthyroid.)
·  Millet   
·  Pine nuts/Peanuts
·  Unfermented soy
·  Canola oil      
·  Iodized salt  (iodized salt is heavily processed so recommend avoiding)  

With all the participants

3) Example of Life style:
1)     Make your medicinal drink yourself and cook your healing food at home.
2)     Go to bed early and rise early.
3)     Be active mentally and physically.
4)     Everyday do light exercise or take a walk outside for a half hour.
5)     Massage yourself thyroid ground area to stimulate for 5 minutes every day and also receive Shiatsu massage.
6)     Until the condition improve, you may take a small amount of food 4~5 times a day instead of 2~3 times a day, but have it at regular times.
7)     Avoid artificial environments, including exposure to high-voltage lines, excess air- conditioning, stagnate sir, dampness or high humidity and chemicals (including cosmetics and other body products). No fluoresces light. No X-ray (including at the airport also)
8)     Keep your living area clean and in good order.
9)     Avoid stressful human relations.
10)   Try to keep in touch with nature and live simply.
11)   Use organic cotton for underwear. Bed sheets, pillowcases, and comforter cover.
12)   Try to avoid using TV, computers, microwaves, fluorescent lamps, and other devise and equipment that emit strong electromagnetic filed.
13)   Tell yourself you are better and no more thyroid problem and sign happy song everyday.

Be healthy and be happy!

Love, Sanae

❤ Next Macrobiotic Healing for Women class is Dec. 15. Sat. at 10am. If you want to register, please click Meetup.

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Thank you very much for the recepies!!!
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