Monday, December 16, 2013

Love, Eric Revised Desserts Cookbook


Love, Eric Delicious Vegan Macrobiotic Dessert Cookbook was originally published in 2005.
Author Eric Lechasseur is not a pastry chef, but then why desserts cookbook?
To make a long story a short....
well his fist cooking was with his grandmother making cookies when he was six years old and of course he loves sweets all his life. Then he met me who was a sugar junky and loved too much sugary desserts and soda anything sugary stuff in 1991.

I was diagnosed an ovarian cancer in 1993 so he started to make desserts without dairy, eggs and refined sugar which was delicious and satisfied for me to not have to eat sugary stuff any more.
After I recovered from the cancer in 1995 Eric continued to make delicious healthy vegan macrobiotic desserts and one day he came home and told me that he wants to make delicious healthy desserts and pastry cookbook.
He also got a job at M cafe as a pastry chef and he created all the original M cafe's desserts and pastry desserts recipes which are very popular even after Eric left M cafe.

Eric and I wanted to make a very special cookbook with beautiful photographs so people can also enjoy this recipes with their eyes.
We believed that sharing what he contribute himself from these recipes to help me over come sugar junky addiction will also help so many people so we title it "Love, Eric"
We picked the size of the book and paper and title they were all so personal matter so we choose to self published this special cookbook.
We have made 5000 copies to sell and they were all sold out by 2009.
We could not believe there was a time some people were selling used Love, Eric cookbook for $200 per a copy.   We are very happy that there was such a demand on this cookbook.
It took a while, but we are proud to be re-published once again Love, Eric as revised with eight more gluten-free recipe.

Madonna's moose ©IMG_8295Madonna's Panna Cotta new recipe from Love, Eric Revised
Last Sat. we had a cozy gathering for Love, Eric Revised book signing at Seed Kithchen. We had great time and enjoyed so much.
We are definitely growing globally and shipping our cookbook to all over the world now so we just sent it to Spain, UK, and Holland and of ourse many different states of America.

L1090693Pistachio Nougatine Brittle new recipe from Love, Eric Revised for tasting

If you are interested to purchase Love, Eric Revised
Square Market
Or just email us to 

For those of you who are in the US, $29.95 + $10.00 *Shipping & Handling* = $39.95
Simply email us and let us know that you are sending your check and mail your check to the Mugen LLC address below and include the name you'd like if you want to have autographed on the book.
Mugen LLC

2610A 23rd St.

Santa Monica, CA 90405

For those of you located outside of the United States, or wishing to pay with credit card/Paypal, you can purchase a copy of the book by sending email to us to 
Let us know your post mail address so we know how much to charge the shipping.
Usually outside the United State is $29.95 + $20.00 *Shipping & Handling* = $49.95

 *if you want autograph copy, please be sure to include a note to request autograph when purchasing , so we make sure to autograph your book*

Baked Donuts © IMG_8453
Baked donuts new recipe from Love, Eric Revised








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