Saturday, July 31, 2010

summer cooking

We have been enjoying the summer style cooking.
This is a delicious spring roll. It has red lentils inside and served with butternut squash sauce. Yum! Basmati rice with cilantro is a great idea for a summer cooking.
The nutty flavors meets a refreshing herb.

We had this great dessert dish called, "OHAGI".
It is a pound of sweet brown rice covered sweetened cooked azuki beans with the strawberry topping.
Ohagi is everybody's favorite in Japan and usually make one ball each, but this is cake style.

We also had a special guest from Japan, Naoko and her friend from LA.
She is a macrobiotic cooking instructor from Japan.
Through macrobiotic practice, I can connect to so many friends around the world.
Thank you.

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