Monday, April 20, 2009

The Shifting of Mind in My Life

Hi, everyone! Today, I would like to talk about my mind development in L.A.

Though more than 15 years has passed since I came here from Japan, I have experienced mind-shift a several times. Roughly speaking, it is composed of three stages- national, international, and global.

Firstly, learning foreign cultures leads to realizing our own cultures. When I came here for the first time, I enjoyed facing totally new circumstances and talking to those who had different cultural backgrounds. However, at the same time I became aware that I have learned Japanese mind since I was born in Japan. I was totally Japanese in the land where so many different races lived together.

Secondly, accepting various values in different cultures creates a sense of solidarity within us. I have learned there are a diversity of opinions and thoughts through a L.A. life. It is very important to realize the variety of cultures and accept mutual lifestyles in our societies. Then, we are ready to create a new type of culture, cooperating together. At this stage, I was becoming more internationally-minded in this world.

Thirdly, considering the relationship between human beings and nature makes our societies sustainable. I have become interested in both living and natural environments since I took part in LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) forum in 2006. Today, I live a daily life with a sense of social and natural contribution in order to create a new cultural standard- sustainability. I am a citizen of this earth.

Now, I am taking action at the local level. As we always need to take small action, as a first step, for our mega-projects, so earth citizens have to take local action toward our sustainable future with global consciousness.

For example, Sanae and I started Seed Community Clean-Up about 4 months ago to contribute to our neighborhoods and create a sense of community in Venice area. We clean up a parking lot, bus stops, and side streets around Seed. In the end, we would like to extend cleaning areas to Venice beach.

Anyhow, my mind-shift is still going on. There seems to be no ending point for this growth within me. What is next? I am looking forward to facing it.

Live with nature!


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