Friday, July 18, 2008

Miso Soup

Hello, this is Joel. Today I took the dogs out for a walk and after I write this blog I will begin to create a MySpace page for Studio Mugen! The crew is making lunch in the kitchen right now and I had a discussion with Sanae about the importance of having miso soup every morning. Miso soup is very calming and alkalizes the blood. It warms the body and brings about harmony and balance. We underestimate the importance of healthy food and how it affects the body. Macrobiotics, a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle, is a very important element for improving one's life and overall well-being. I do Bikram Yoga three times a week and that's also very effective; it's a great form of exercise. Macrobiotics is growing and more people are becoming aware of it. However, it will be a continuous quest but the western world will gradually begin to make dietary changes. This is my belief. Bye for now!

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