Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The wonderful world of Macrobiotics

Hello Macrobiotic community,

My name is Joel and I am new to Macrobiotics. I spent two months working in the kitchen at the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachusetts, from March to May of 2008, where I learned all about Macrobiotics. Outside of my 35-40 hour commitment in the kitchen, I had the privilege of auditing Oriental Diagnosis, Shiatsu, and Acupuncture classes. In addition, I had the wonderful opportunity to learn how to cook for myself; this was invaluable and I have taken this knowledge to my home in Los Angeles where I currently practice cooking for myself in my kitchen, along with volunteering 4-5 hours a week at studio Mugen, the epicenter of the Macrobiotic community in Los Angeles.

While Los Angeles isn't as scenic as western Massachusetts (location of Kushi Institute), volunteering at studio Mugen makes up for it. The people here are very friendly and supportive, and, since they are located in beautiful Santa Monica (near the beach), we get to enjoy the ocean breeze and the wonderful weather throughout the year.

I met Sanae at the Kushi Institute in May 2008. I expressed interest in continuing to learn at home (I live only one hour from their house), and Sanae graciously took me into the community where I am now experiencing full immersion while at the same time "giving back" to the community through my volunteership.

This journey has been a very rewarding and fulfilling one, to say the least. Since I changed my diet, I've been feeling better and have lost weight. I'm more conscious of what I eat. I've been reading books, including the ones released by Sanae and Eric. You can find out more about these books on this website.

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