Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Auspicious Cleaning for New Year!

Looking back reflecting 2013...
It was a good challenging work year for us and our restaurant Seed Kitchen.

When we work so much we tend not to have time to sort out our stuff (OMG, life is all about stuff!) so Eric and I made commitment to clear some of the stuff during this holiday season.

One of our book shelf was broken so after three years later Eric finally fixed it. Here are the some photos I had worked on the bookshelves with books, magazine and more paper stuff with dogs.
I also found the photos of my childhood and my mom's...so nice to see these photos. I could feel how much my mom loved me.

I feel so good to do this holiday auspicious cleaning!

A Happy Holiday and New Year of 2014!

Eric fixed the broken book shelf after three years.

Our dog, Happy is guarding the stuff with her ball. 

Memory photos of my mom and me.

It was getting late and all the dogs are getting tired of cleaning stuff. 

Many pamphlets and maps from my traveling to Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada, Caribbean, Tahiti, Fiji, Japan and the U.S. Including Hawaii. Alaska)

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