Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Essential Foods to Help Protect Against Radiation

Soooo shocked to find out that Quake and Tsunami happened in Japan last Fri. March 11.

Now Potential Nuclear Disaster as Radiation.

To help protect against radiation, people in danger of contamination should eat 1 or 2 bowls of miso soup every day, prepared with kombu seaweed and root vegetables and 2-3 year aged unpasteurized barley miso.

They should also consume brown rice, millet, and other whole grains prepared in whole form, Hokkaido pumpkin and other round or root vegetables, small amounts of seaweed cooked in other styles, shoyu(soy sauce) broth, umeboshi plums, gomashio and other condiments.

It is best to avoid or reduce oil, raw food, animal food (including meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and fish), fatty food, fruit, nuts, stimulants, and alcohol until the danger is past.

If there is no facility to cook, just eat umeboshi plums, mix miso in drinking water or eat nori sea vegetables will help.
My recommendation is just chew, chew, and chew well with your prayers!!!

This approach should be more effective than simply taking iodine pills, but the iodine pills are recommended for temporary emergency use until such time as they are able to obtain miso and cook.

Here is photo of Sea Vegetable, Umeboshi plum, and Barley Miso

If you want help, please pray for people in Japan from your heart!!!
Close your eyes and send healing warm energy...


And please donate even a small amount.

Thank you!!!! Arigatou!



Peter Kroesche said...

Very helpful food guide
Supplements can help with radiation as well.


vivaherbal said...

There are supplements that can help decrease the effects of radiation on the body. However, a person exposed to radiation should always avoid antioxidant supplements.
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