Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eric's Birthday (May 15th)

Hi, everyone!

On last Saturday, we celebrated Eric’s birthday at Seed.

Actually, his birthday was Friday, but he was out of town. Then, employees decided to come over at Seed the next day.

We started to show up around 2:30 pm, and finally Sanae came in with a big smile.

While Eric was working at kitchen, Bill (on the left in photo) took out a vegan cake, which he made for this day, from a refrigerator.

After lighting candles on that cake, we began to sing a happy birthday song. Then, Eric came toward us from the back kitchen and blew out those candles.

He seemed to be very delighted with everyone’s blessings. Customers at Seed also celebrated his birthday.

This was the first celebration of Eric’s birthday since Seed started. We also like to celebrate the first anniversary of Seed this year.

Anyway, happy birthday to you, Eric!


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