Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey there...still here!!
Please, if U R redaing this blog and enjoying it, feel free to post comments of any knid,we'd love to hear from U!!
Anyway...Today it's quiet here, Sanae is gone to a retreat with the dogs, and it's only me and Junko. Today I'll do some plum picking, the tree is about to fall, so full of delicious organic plums!
This house is not the same without the dogs hangin'around all the time...sometime they come around while I'm writing at the pc or washing dishes, and they'd start whigging the tale and look at U with those eyes saying "the ball!!!Throw me the ball...please!!!"...and yes, they
'd say "please", cause they all are very well educated dogs!!:-))
They are all 4 female, and since they are golden retriever, each on of them is named "gold", but in different languages...there's also the italian word for gold, which is ORO...then there's Dore (French), Kin (Japanese), Kura (Hawaiian)...and ,of course, there are also 2 cats, Key-Chain and Mai...I love animals, and in my place I can't have any, so when I come here I getto enjoy not also a pre macrobiotic lifestyle, but also the love and company of those precious creatures....ps.In loveericinc.com you can view the pets profile under "about us" and then under "our family".
Well...that's all for now.
Next week I'll going to the French Meadow Camp, organized by the George Oshawa foundation, in Nevada City, close toLake Tahoe and Sacramneto, I really can't wait...so, I'll write again in 2 weeks.
Blessings to U all,


Emilie said...

Hello, it's Emilie from Quebec! I'm learning more and more about the actual science of food and I'm very interested in advancing my knowledge towards macrobiotic.

studiom said...

Hello Emilie, thanks very much for stopping by and leaving your comment.
Please,feel free to say hello to Us anytime, we always appreciate new contacts with people in this awesome lifestyle.
Keep it up!!!Best,Annalisa